How Royals, Revolutions and The Eiffel Tower Inspire Kids, Paris Themed Bedrooms

Parisians are open and expressive matching the monumental scenery scattered throughout areas known as arrondissements a throwback to the era of Napoleon and the French revolution. The Seine River runs through the heart of Paris with a grand total of 37 bridges offering access to the left and right banks. The Pont Neuf bridge is the seniors of Paris bridges while the most famous is Pont des Arts where lovers would congregate and place padlocks as a declaration of their love. The sheer weight of worldly amour was causing the railings to break away so if you feel a little superstitious around a million hearts may have been broken when the locks were removed.

Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris where
couples place padlocks as a symbol of love
Love Locks On Paris Bridge

Paris has a lot to live up to with its city of love tag and appears to have a secret pact with cupid who can’t resist spreading a little joie de vivre as singles find love and couples are inspired to renew their vows. The setting for love is perfected by the exalted ambiance of nostalgic monuments inspiring a tone for blissful romance. Paris opens its arms to lovers who fly in for Valentine’s day or come to get that elusive wedding photo taken from the steps leading up to Place du Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower in the background. This area is named after the battle of Trocadero which took place in Spain when the French army helped the local monarchy push back the left-field thinkers which is slightly ironic considering France at the time had recently sent revolutionary leader Napoleon Bonaparte into exile.

Paris is the city of love
Cupid In Paris

Prior to the French Revolution, Europe was mainly governed by monarchs that lived enviable lives in homes amassed with exquisite, curvaceous furnishings designed by artisans under the strict guidelines of the reigning king. The Chateau de Versailles just outside of Paris exerts a breathtaking vision of a past era where the blood that ran through some French residents veins ensured a fairytale existence. The Royals were fashion followers so their palaces were decorated with the latest furniture and décor design. Today teens and toddlers are inspired to showcase their bedrooms in a similar way to French palatial spaces with opulent facades and whimsical, colorful themes. Paris with its mystical charm sprinkles fairy dust on kids who scrap their newest fad for a bedroom with antique style furniture and bedding reflecting the romantic stance of regal Paris. These modern bedrooms with a past Parisian twist are popular as kids role play the life of a royal in a golden, European city embellished with mementos of a monarchical rule.

Bedroom chamber at the Versailles Palace in Paris, France
Chateau de Versailles. Paris

The Eiffel Tower changed the course of stone building history when its maker introduced a tall metal miracle that grabbed all the attention from the moment it was introduced at the 1889 Paris World Fair. The landscape was suddenly eclectic as La Tour Eiffel became the tallest structure in Paris and for a short time the world shadowing her stone affiliates with a wrought-iron makeup devoid of the classic sculptures and fancy trim you see on buildings and churches. The Eiffel Tower for many was bland and had no place in a city blessed with such beauty.

The Paris, Eiffel Tower
Paris, Eiffel Tower

Kids appreciate the mechanics of the Iron lady and mix Eiffel Tower accessories with ceremonious vintage finds to create a Paris Décor theme that mirrors a time of Euro aristocrats. Those with immense wealth could hire the best of the best with the artistry to makeover palace rooms into luxuriant havens for the King and his family.

Vintage Paris and its awesome Eiffel Tower
Vintage Paris

The color pink is a well-used hue in Paris themed bedrooms and that’s not surprising as enchanting pink rooms feature in the Versailles and Grand Trianon Palace built by King Louis X1V.  Contemporary Parisian homes are generally an infusion of past and present made simply incredible by the array of flea markets where bargains are always found.

Kids, pink Paris themed bedroom
Paris Themed Bedding

The influence of European royals has caused a wave of Paris themed bedrooms where kids can feel a part of the charming ambiance and close the door to a haven of magical fun. It’s educational as children explore this amazing city that has been viable for around 2000 years and fills the history books with epics of war, monarchs, revolutions and masterful monuments. Lessons in geography are learned as kids ask how the Eiffel tower was built – who was Napoleon Bonaparte and why are there no royals in Paris.

View of Paris, France and the Seine River
Ancient Paris, France

Kid’s interest in Paris often starts with the discovery of the Eiffel Tower and extends to the mysteries and goings on from way back when till now. Don’t be surprised to see Spiderman take a back seat when your child asks for a Paris bedroom theme.