Infinity Instruments The Eiffel Tower Table Clock

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Set your clock, Paris time with this extraordinary Eiffel tower table clock made of black metalĀ  and looking every bit as outstanding as the real French tower that has over a century of time on it’s side and is still standing at the top for being the most visited, paid monument on earth. That’s some achievement considering it was to many Parisians, back in the late 1800’s consideredĀ  the biggest eye sore hovering over their beloved Paris. The designer, Gustave Eiffel faced negative letters in the Paris daily newspaper, which was called “Le Temps,” from writers, sculptures, painters and architects who pulled no punches in their attempt to put a stop to the construction of the tower stating it would be a blight on the ParisĀ  landscape and an insult to ancient monuments such as Notre dame and the Dome of les Invalides.

As luck would have it the Eiffel tower prevailed and one the hearts of Parisians and people the world over.

The overall size is approx. 8 inches square x 17-1/2″ in height while the clock itself measures 2-1/2″ in diameter.and operates on a quality quartz movement with Arabic numbers and black meta hands.

. A perfect fit for a Paris theme

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