Love A Paris Themed Bedroom with A French Damask Theme?

What better way to escape to the romantic city of Paris by creating a bedroom from scratch that lives and breathes the mystical essence that makes us fall in love with this cities wonderful street cafe’s, where those visiting Paris enjoy living the way the locals do on a time frame of their own that is enviable in this rush, rush world, as they take time out to sip on a morning cafe nor or the popular cafe au lait, while reading the newspaper and watching those passing by.

If you want your Paris themed bedroom to reflect past French royalty, the look is chic, stylish with a formal overview making the French favorite damask pattern a discerning choice, with it’s classic scroll like pattern set against a plain back ground generally in black and white. There are beautiful damask wallpapers available that will set a regal theme, as seen in theĀ  palace of Versailles where Marie Antoinette a fashionista of her time lived surrounded by beautiful damask wall hangings in opulent surroundings, some of us may only dream about.

You may want to reserve the black and white damask pattern for bedding where it makes a standout focal point with curtains to coordinate as a stunning backdrop against white or colored walls, as black and white will go with just about everything.The key to a Paris decor, themed bedroom is a mix of old and new, so white or black furniture with a look from the past is perfect for adding that royal vibe and making a room feel perfectly Parisienne.

A white vanity with stool is feminine and chic with an ornate bed, headboard you might find at a flea market or charity shop that you could paint to authenticate the look. it’s all about creating an ambience of sophistication, so a chandelier like you might have seen in a 17th century French chateau will pull the whole room together, creating a magic, Paris fairy-tale look!

If you want to go all out you could add Eiffel tower lamps for your night stands with wall decor featuring the Eiffel tower and other historic monuments that you can’t miss on a tour through the city of light, with a glamorous wrought iron black mirror and lots of throw pillows on the bed with black and white damask, French stripes and perhaps the Eiffel tower.

If you are transforming your bedroom on a budget there are plenty of inexpensive damask duvet, comforter sets with affordable furniture, Paris themed wall art, throw pillows,damask wallpaper and mirrors to makeover your bedroom into an elegant Parisienne themed boudoir!

Now your Paris themed bedroom is an escape to a city of light and amour, where you can imagine life as a French royal and the grandeur of their living quarters, aptly named the King and Queen’s apartments where the furnishings were so exquisitely beautiful and chic!

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