Memorable Paris, London And USA Monuments Artwork

Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Golden Gate Bridge artwork

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Wall art is a statement of personality and passion making this 3-piece, canvas picture set of the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and London’s Big Ben an exciting find for the connoisseur of worldly landmarks.

The color scheme is modern black and white photography with red accents ideal in a contemporary space and a good visual size at 16″ x 24″ per canvas or 24″ x 36″ for an even larger effect.

The artwork is clean and bright with wooden supports, waterproof canvas and a hook attached for efficient hanging. A great piece of art compliments any decor style and you can bet if your theme is black and white the splashes of red will pop against the monochromatic photography.

All three monuments have a decorative history with the Eiffel Tower a stylish drawcard in Paris, France and making waves as a cool metal structure since 1889. Skip across the English channel to London where the Big Ben watchtower is a standout feature in the United Kingdom. The clock started ticking in 1859 and is a grand example of Gothic architecture. San Francisco hosts the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, first walked across in 1937 and known for its red/orange coloring.

If this eye-catching artwork is something you might like, read a few of the reviews and get a feeling for the quality of this product.

Black and white photography, canvas prints of Big Ben, Eiffel tower and Golden Gate Bridge with pops of red
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