Modern, Decorative Paris, Eiffel Tower Stool

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A functional, fun piece of furniture can have a wonderful visual impact wherever it is placed, making this modern, decorative stool featuring the Eiffel tower surrounded by Cherry blossom trees on the park du Champ de Mars, a “must have,” at the top of every Paris fans wish list!

Beautiful Eiffel Tower Vanity, Footstool!

This black and white, canvas wrapped stool could be paired beautifully with a vanity in a teens Paris bedroom theme, or out in the living room as a foot stool, and chic point of interest, for it’s stunning Eiffel Tower imagery.

The assembled size is approx. 12″ in width x 12″ in length x 14″ in height and weighs around 3 pounds.

A stylish looking Eiffel Tower stool will be an exciting addition to any space in the home plus a nostalgic reminder to those who have been to Paris and seen this world famous monument up close!



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