Opulent White Night Stand by Ashley Furniture

Belle table de chevet

Paris still lives in the memory of royalty who resided in beautifully furnished palaces featuring ornate, baroque style furniture that was designed by only the most supreme artisans in the land, under the guidance of a guild established as far back as the middle ages and subsequently abolished by Napoleon Bonaparte in the time of the French revolution. This era has been referred to as the golden age of furniture, as every chair, bed or sofa made had to pass the strict guild test of perfection. Furniture back then was an art in itself with beautifully carved wood, generally guilded in gold and upholstered in only the finest of silk fabrics.with beautiful damask, floral patterns.

This ode to Paris chateau  style furniture will bring the elegance of the past to your modern day bedroom in the form of a  curvaceous, white washed nightstand with a scrolled, marble style top that will add grandeur to a room destined to emulate Parisian chic!

The nightstand measures 25″ in width x 16″ in depth x 26″ in height.There are two spacious draws with the top one measuring 21.5″ in width x 13″ in depth x 3.75″in height, while the bottom one is 21.5″ in width x 13″ in depth x 5″ in height. The drawers feature an easy slide function to make opening and closing a breeze and the creme de la creme perhaps of the entire nightstand is the absolutely gorgeous hardware (handles) so typical of what you would expect to see on early French baroque furniture There is a little assembly required as you will need to attach the hardware to the drawers.

A Paris decor look is all about unifying the past with the present and this showy nightstand mixed with moderne decor or furniture will create a bedroom that easily reflects the romance and timeless beauty of the city of light.


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