Original Paris, Eiffel Tower “Lego” Model

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The Eiffel tower is probably the coolest monument on the planet, with it’s unique metal form designed way back in time for a “Universelle Exposition, held in Paris to celebrate the centennial of the French revolution and to showcase the beauty of the French capital, as other nations demonstrated their prowess in the fields of industry and science.

The Enduring Eiffel Tower

You could say all was overshadowed by a massive tower that reached close to a thousand feet into the sky, the creation of Gustave Eiffel, a Parisian engineer who answered the call by constructing an outstanding exhibit that went completely left field with it’s architectural design comprising of steel, as opposed to the classic stone or wood buildings, monuments on show in Paris. The Eiffel tower had many critics who believed it would destroy the romantic, stone ambiance of their beloved city of light, while others saw this inspiring structure as a representation of their city”s modernism, a symbol of an evolving France.

Great Christmas Gift For Fans Of  Lego And La Tour Eiffel

The Lego company founded 1891 would surely approve as they offer a chance for Eiffel Tower fans to build this colossal tower from the ground up, teaching kids and grown-ups to be innovative and get inside the workings of this famous, metal marvel. There are 321 pieces to put together in Lego, brick form and build the Eiffel Tower, which once completed will measure 12″ in height x 4″ in width x 4″ in depth. There is also a great collectible booklet included that tells the story of how the tower was originally built.

What a magical display and gift this would make for the budding architect or fan of Paris and her magnificent La Tour Eiffel!

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