Outstanding Paris, Eiffel Tower Set Of Three Canvas Prints

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Eiffel cru impressions tour d’art

Take home this magnificent set of three, eye-catching Eiffel tower artwork and bring the tower that was once the tallest structure in the entire world over a forty year span until the Chrysler building in New York took that coverted title, into your world, as the visual impact will be astounding!

Three striking angles of a bronze colored architectural gem will be a stunning find for the architect who will appreciate the vision of Gustave Eiffel, a Parisian engineer with the courage to go against the many critics in Paris and build a wrought-iron tower that was so different to the classic stone monuments already there. The Eiffel tower won it’s right to stand as a symbol of France and over time become a massive tourist attraction for Paris with millions of viistors every year.

These are high definition vintage style prints, stretched onto wooden frames with hooks mounted on the back for easy installation. What a compelling focal point these spectacular photo-shot pictures measuring 16″ x 24″ each, will make in a business reception area or at home where the alluring imagery of this unique tower, will never go un-noticed!

Fabulous as a gift or to highlight a Paris decor theme in a room!

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