With such enthusiastic feedback for this transparent chair you may be tempted to take one home... Super popular and very versatile as a vanity, office or even dining chair.The look is contemporary mixed with a dash of the past to keep things...

$85.00 as at 18:14 UTC. (Details)

The fabulous crossover of traditional French Furniture with a modern slant has proven exceptionally popular in decor under the guise of the Louis XV infamous - "Ghost Chair"! The shape is delightfully curvaceous and elegant while its design...

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Furniture as classically beautiful as this takes a room to a whole new level of discerning decor..The reason that pieces like this superbly hand-carved mahogany settee are so in vogue is their undeniable ability to transcend home interiors fashion...

$728.87 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)

This is a mirror that will make a statement wherever it is placed. it has an Art deco feel about it that I find highly attractive and especially as it has a glass frame which gives it that something special and unique.. Paris in the 1930's was...

$261.80 as at 10:51 UTC. (Details)

The finish on the mirror can only be termed as exquisite The courtly, curvaceous frame finished in silver with decorative painted on illustrations, has a distinctive regal look that is perfect for a Paris theme. Size is 28" in width x 40" in...

$358.00 as at 12:19 UTC. (Details)

Perfect for a Paris themed apartment where a mix of old and new is required.. The etched mirror frame has a golden tint that gives off an authentic antique visage that is reinforced by the golden beaded edging and classic Victorian appeal..This...

$195.80 as at 10:51 UTC. (Details)

Shabby Chic Lustre Bougeoir Cast your eye on this enchanting chandelier/candle holder, which features elegant scroll-work with acrylic, crystal drops cascading from it's shabby themed, cream distressed frame. You can easily hang it from the...

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Why does a chandelier denote such grandeur and opulence? Is it the sculptured curls of metal or the crystals falling like droplets from the rain?....Perhaps it is the shimmering light that dances on the ceiling and throws shadows on the floor and...

$29.99 as at 15:35 UTC. (Details)

Joli Lustre Create a sparkling statement in the bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room, with this white, metal chandelier, that comes equipped with a chord and plug so you can have it as an elegant swag lamp or wire it straight into the ceiling...

$59.99 as at 09:11 UTC. (Details)

The photographer has captured the true essence of the Eiffel Tower as it stands like a beacon over Paris at dusk.. A captivating shot and one that will excite admirers of this fair city who would like a piece of this grand tower on their...

$9.50 as at 05:13 UTC. (Details)

Set your clock, Paris time with this extraordinary Eiffel tower table clock made of black metal  and looking every bit as outstanding as the real French tower that has over a century of time on it's side and is still standing at the top for being...

$43.99 as at 17:11 UTC. (Details)

These Eiffel Tower vases are hugely popular for weddings, parties and of course in the home. They are a generous 20 inches in height so will make quite an impact once flowers are added. You could also just use it as it stands for the elegant...

$68.98 as at 12:20 UTC. (Details)

If you love a Paris or French theme in your kitchen you may want to include this Salt or Pepper shaker in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It's sure to be a great find for retro fans as it has a distinctive 50's diner appeal with it's glass body...

$1.00 as at 18:15 UTC. (Details)

Looking for a classy Eiffel Tower centerpiece to add to your Paris theme? This is a little beauty that has a vintage feel to it which is very in vogue. I particularly like the bronze finish which makes it more authentic..It's a greats looking...

$2.64 as at 18:15 UTC. (Details)

Highly decorative and authentic looking Eiffel Tower set would be a great gift for the friend who collects salt and pepper shakers or as a display in a Paris Style kitchen. These are not big shakers measuring approx.4.2" x 4.2" x 5," so they...

$14.75 as at 12:20 UTC. (Details)

Who would have thought the Eiffel Tower a pinnacle of grand architecture would make such a stunning wine rack! If you are a connoisseur of French wines, then this could be on your wish  list of things to buy. The rack is handcrafted from iron,...

$49.00 as at 11:56 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower has been a popular monument in Paris for a very long time and it's unique structural design has caused it be recreated in so many decorative and useful ways, This sturdy, black metal wine rack in the image of the French tower...

$42.85 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

Damasse Noire et Blanche de Rideau de Douche A contemporary, black damask pattern on a crisp white back ground is sure to be a popular choice for livening up a modern bathroom, adding a little elegance and chic style. Size is 72" x 72" and comes...

$16.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Damasse Rose Chaud! Pink damask is always popular with a Parisian Princess look as it has such a formal style mixed with the adorable femininity of this favorite, girly color... The size of the shower curtain is 72" x 72", made of 100% polyester...

$16.75 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Damas vert Lime The elegant and commanding Damask patterns signify the beauty of French artistry for it was during the opulent reign of King Louis XVI of France, when some of the most beautiful patterns were created that live on today in various...

$16.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking to create a bathroom with a touch of traditional class you might want to choose a beautiful black and white shower curtain with a timeless toile de jouy pattern, The thing that makes toile so interesting, is the way the pattern is...

$29.47 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

The fabulous repeating patterns of "Toile de Jouy" feature gracefully on this highly fashionable, soft black and cream shower curtain, which has no age limit to its beauty and elegance... The gingham print and chenille trim with pretty black bows...

$39.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Cartes postales anciennes de Paris A collage of vintage Paris postcards and French perfume ads, on this unique shower curtain is already a popular choice for a Parisian themed bathroom. The size is 72" in length x 72" in width, while the fabric...

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Classic postcard inscriptions with the beautiful Eiffel Tower shining through. This is a wall plaque with a very vintage feel and a worthy piece of wall art for the Paris fan who is looking for something a bit original, to fit with there "city of...

$29.99 as at 17:11 UTC. (Details)

The fabulous decoupage effect is in full swing on this alluring Paris Fashion switch plate.. The outcome of this timeless art form is stunning here with beautiful imagery of the "Eiffel Tower" and ladies in silhouette wearing vintage, style...

$4.99 as at 22:53 UTC. (Details)

Black and white photographic view of the romantic city of lights and "Le Tour Eiffel" in the form of a memorable light switch cover. with a gorgeous glossy finish.. A perfect completion to a Paris themed room where every little detail...

$11.75 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

There is no need to ever have a plain switch plate again especially if you are a fan of Paris and it's magical charm.. Using the age-old decoupage effect of gluing images onto a surface then adding layers of lacquer this eye-catching cover will...

$11.90 as at 22:54 UTC. (Details)

When creating a Paris theme it is nice to go all the way and make a room look 100% Parisian fab..Add a switch plate plat that reflects the beauty, architecture and romance of this fine city like this Je T'aime ( I love You) outlet cover that is...

$9.95 as at 01:35 UTC. (Details)

Makes you feel as though you are there! A century old Tower stands 324 meters in air like a sentinel guarding it's precious treasure..Paris has long been a city of romance and mystique captured here beautifully so you and I can gaze upon its...

$9.99 as at 22:54 UTC. (Details)

The French are incredibly expressive and this classic term is a testament to their passionate natures... This is a wall decal which can be easily applied as one piece to your wall where it will beam an almighty "Ooh la la" for all to...

$14.99 as at 07:00 UTC. (Details)

Belle Paris Torchon.. it's always a pleasure to present something that ticks all the boxes for quality, look and price! Such is the case with this stand out Paris kitchen towel, designed to impress and give as a gift with confidence. for it is...

$5.75 as at 10:52 UTC. (Details)

Parisian furniture has a charm all of it's own and this stylish accent chair will bring Paris to your living room in a most majestic way.. Beautifully upholstered in a "French Script," vintage fabric denoting Parisian life through the years it's...

$290.77 as at 19:11 UTC. (Details)

When creating a Paris inspired bathroom you may want to go all the way and add this classic French Towel Shelf where you can display your Paris themed  towels for family and guests alike.. It's the extra touches that make a theme really work and...

$59.35 as at 12:40 UTC. (Details)

Get the creative edge with a comprehensive wall decal that highlights some of the iconic/historic architecture of Paris - France. With a black finish it will be easy to match it to any wall color in your home or office.. The advent of decals...

$0.51 as at 13:43 UTC. (Details)

A very eye-catching wall sconce featuring a metal lamp that is beautifully crafted in a rustic, inspired finish that will set a wall ablaze with its artistic appeal.. Size is 26" inches height x 14.5 inches wide x 4 inches in depth with a switch...

$43.90 as at 05:29 UTC. (Details)

If you have been searching for a chandelier that delivers on quality, appearance and stunningly beautiful design, you are bound to be delighted  at this rare find. It's a maze of dancing glass crystals in an intricate design with pretty  pink love...

$133.32 as at 03:54 UTC. (Details)

Lustre Mauve The color purple is synonymous with wealth and royalty,making this majestic chandelier a great choice for any room in the home that demands a little elegance to highlight a shabby chic or Paris theme. Kids love the look of chandeliers...

$117.99 as at 03:41 UTC. (Details)

For the connoisseurs of white furniture I present a distinguished Jewelry Armoire that has possibly been centuries in the making. It's style and grace are derived from a time of creative furniture making where in 18th century, France an...

$94.50 as at 05:28 UTC. (Details)

In times gone by furniture looked and was decorated like this as a statement of opulent grandeur..For those of us drawn like a moth to the flame of this extravagant beauty it is a given that we will adorn our rooms with moments from a past where...

$167.55 as at 19:12 UTC. (Details)