Noir et blanc rideau de damas A beautiful window treatment can be the visual making of a room, while  blocking out light, providing essential privacy and maybe even highlighting a fabulous window view. The choice of color and fabric will...

$60.44 as at 09:07 UTC. (Details)

Boîte de tissu Paris if you are hoping to find a tissue box for your bathroom with a classy Paris. Eiffel tower theme, you've just struck gold for glamour, craftsmanship and chic, vintage design! it could be love at first sight with this one,...

$15.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Noir et blanc banc de damas Have you been searching for ornate furniture with a black and white, damask theme? Many of us adore the sharp color combination of black and white, highlighted by a stately damask design and this 19th century bench,...

$94.99 as at 05:56 UTC. (Details)

Rose glamour et damas blanc it's  easy to see why the classic patterns of damask are trending in home decor with wall paper, bedding and pillow covers like this one in beautiful and highly sought after fuchsia pink, ready to bring an edge of regal...

$12.99 as at 03:05 UTC. (Details)

Spectacle de lumière de la Tour Eiffel Around sundown every day the Eiffel tower lights up with a  glittering golden glow that erupts every hour into a magical display of flashing lights, guaranteed to take your breath away. No matter where...

$14.99 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

Belle table de chevet Paris still lives in the memory of royalty who resided in beautifully furnished palaces featuring ornate, baroque style furniture that was designed by only the most supreme artisans in the land, under the guidance of a guild...

$89.98 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

Paris Noel A rare but wonderful find is this Paris inspired cushion cover, with a beautiful Joyeux noel theme! The cover features the star of Paris, la tour Eiffel with endearing French script, the enduring Fleur de lis symbol and vintage postmarks...

$4.51 as at 03:05 UTC. (Details)

La Dame de Fer Imagine waking up every morning with a close up view of the Eiffel tower from your window and by night a spectacular light show that illuminates the tower at different intervals throughout the night. This indeed will be a daily sight...

$27.99 as at 11:32 UTC. (Details)

~Tour Eiffel Romantique~ It's inspiring imagery like this, with a visual parchment appeal, that evokes the romantic nature of a tower, built of iron and stretching from the ground to the clouds, in a land called France in a city called Paris, where...

$14.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel Rose The Eiffel tower has long been a captivating monument in Paris, France that woos many a fascinated soul to French shores in pursuit of finding out what makes this unofficial eighth wonder of the world such a great architectural...

$8.99 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

Lampe Tour Eiffel Imagine what a unique visual statement a pair of these impressive Eiffel tower lamps would create on side tables in the bedroom or living room of your home. The tower base is a fabulous and intricately designed replica of the...

$23.49 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel surplombant le Pont d'léna Just one look and you know this is a visually stunning pillow cover with a glamorous pink Eiffel tower, overlooking the Pont d' lena bridge, ordered in 1807 by revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte to be...

$12.98 as at 01:02 UTC. (Details)

~Paris theme ottoman~ You are going to be suitably impressed with this Paris themed ottoman as it is, yes on the smaller size at 16" x 16" all round and can probably store one blanket but the beautiful French imagery, featuring the Eiffel tower,...

$22.99 as at 22:19 UTC. (Details)

Oreiller Tour Eiffel! Everything about this beautiful French inspired cushion cover speaks to the heart of a city that is exquisitely stylish in every way. Paris, France is a land of great wonders where the people live life to the full. Parisian...

$0.58 as at 01:02 UTC. (Details)

Fleur de lys The Fleur de lis or as it is often pronounced the fleur de lys, is a highly decorative motif, that has religious and French heraldry symbolism as it was the King of France around the 12th century who displayed this emblem of hope light...

$10.99 as at 02:50 UTC. (Details)

Ooh La La literie If you've been dreaming of a time you will visit Paris, why not create a Paris themed bedroom where you can daydream about all the things you want to see when you get there like the monuments you have read so much about including...

$69.99 as at 22:39 UTC. (Details)

Now you can dress your entire bathroom in true fashionista style with the glamorous,Paris fashion shower curtain and coordinating bath towel featuring an adorable black shoe with pink bow. Size is 26" x 52" Fabric is 100% soft, quality cotton...

$14.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Guéridon Parisians know how to create an elegant, today look in their homes by mixing antique and modern pieces.of furniture, along with contemporary furnishings and vintage flea market finds The effect is a stunning French appeal that always...

$88.99 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in spring is right by the Paris Eiffel tower, as seen here on this shower curtain featuring a tree lined walkway, complete with park benches where travelers and locals can sit and soak up the...

$17.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Housse de coussin bleu sarcelle Teal is one of those colors that can light up a room and when you pair it with something like a black and white damask bedding set, the pop factor is out of this world!\ Teal is a striking combo of cool blue and...

$12.60 as at 05:52 UTC. (Details)

Elegant ensemble de couette rose Soft pink is always a feminine choice and with the addition of a beautiful life-like roses motif, this luxurious bedding might just be a dream come true, if you are wanting to create a high-end look in your bedroom,...

$99.99 as at 16:38 UTC. (Details)

Gravures de mode Paris Paris lives and breathes fashion while influencing the world in what they wear and if you want tt pack your suitcase full with big designer brands then,the fashions stores will never disappoint! Today "top gun" designers...

$9.99 as at 23:41 UTC. (Details)

Black and white art is easy to place in a variety of room styles and colors so if you have been hoping to find an authentic Paris themed oil painting in in black and white with a touch of red,, this hand-painted view of the Eiffel Tower on a rainy...

$15.90 as at 08:40 UTC. (Details)

~Vue de la fenêtre de Paris~ How would you like the Eiffel Tower as your permanent window view? If the city of Paris is your constant fascination, this exceptional and huge 3D wall decal will create a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and...

$49.95 as at 22:16 UTC. (Details)

~Vintage de Paris~ if you are a fan of anything vintage with a Paris appeal, you might just squeal with delight at this adorable rustic mail holder, illustrated beautifully with the magnificent, Paris Eiffel Tower and an endearing postcard...

$14.99 as at 20:56 UTC. (Details)

Damas Glamour! Be the bold and the beautiful you really are, with a bedroom that reflects the romanticism and grandeur of a city bathed in light and cultural charm. This glamorous, black and white with grey damask bedding set featuring a King...

$80.99 as at 19:04 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel au Printemps Spring time in Paris in the park where the Eiffel tower stands is a beautiful sight, with cherry blossoms in bloom and flower beds filled with colorful pansies, tulips, creating a warmer ambiance for strolling through the...

$19.80 as at 19:37 UTC. (Details)

Ooh la la! The classic beauty of the black and white, damask pattern is an elegant favorite when creating a modern tres belle, Paris themed bedroom so this dynamic work of Parisian bedding art will be a pleasing sight to fans of the mesmerizing...

$51.61 as at 19:23 UTC. (Details)

Embrace the magic and beauty of Paris, with this adorable bedding set, featuring a few French favorites..The Eiffel Tower, Parisian vintage postcard stamps and script all in feminine pink and white.. This is a four-piece set that includes a Queen...

$79.00 as at 08:34 UTC. (Details)

if you want to create a "standout" feature in your home or reception area, you might want to apply this "one in a million" wall mural featuring Paris at night with the Eiffel Tower shining like a beacon, draped in golden light! The entire mural...

$65.43 as at 10:58 UTC. (Details)

Paris cru tapis de cuisine Visually beautiful with a classic Paris, vintage appeal, this kitchen/bath or door mat will be a great find for those who love the allure of infamous Parisian landmarks like the Louvre museum or "Palaise des Arts," as it...

$21.96 as at 10:58 UTC. (Details)

Wallpaper can immediately transform a room,determining the overall look and style as will the space dedicated in your home to this glamorous damask patterned wallpaper in a classic silver hue! Size is a large 20.86" x 393.7" in length. Add the...

$24.17 as at 17:27 UTC. (Details)

~Damas cantonnière~ Bring the magic of damask to your room, with this delightful black and white, damask window valance! Size is 54" x 15" and will fit most standard windows Fabric is cotton and machine washable.. If you have created a...

$21.99 as at 18:40 UTC. (Details)

Add a touch of elegance with this black and white, damask table runner in gorgeous satin, ready to highlight your table with it's timeless, glamorous look! Size is 13" x 60" Fabric is 100%...

$4.95 as at 18:40 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower is visual by day and especially at night, when it takes on a legendary golden glow, and features mini light shows for all to see! When commemorating a special occasion the tower can be bathed in many different colors, which is why...

$11.18 as at 01:02 UTC. (Details)

Belle damassé! This black/white and teal bedding set is simply beautiful with the captivating allure of the glamorous damask pattern, ready to add an unforgettable chic appeal to a Parisian themed bedroom.. The set includes a reversible,...

$95.69 as at 12:00 UTC. (Details)

You'll love the look of this single, metal light switch cover featuring a pink Eiffel Tower reaching into the clouds. The size is 3.5" in width x 5" in height and comes with matching  seamless screws. Give your Paris themed room the finishing...

$14.99 as at 22:32 UTC. (Details)

These Eiffel Tower bookends represent a glimpse of Paris architecture, a city renowned for it's historic monuments and none quite so famous as the steel lattice tower that stands 301m in height and took two years two months and five days to...

$24.02 as at 18:27 UTC. (Details)

if you want to create a focal point or divide a space in a room you can do no better than introducing this fabulous room divider, featuring stunning vintage imagery of 1920's Parisian fashion and the Eiffel Tower! The size is 71" in height x...

$129.00 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)