Audrey Hepburn was a true beauty with an inspiring heart that penned many famous quotes, that became for many a code with which to live by.. Her vision for a more caring and kinder world shines eloquently through this typical Hepburn mantra....

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To really get the feel of Paris into a room you can add a realistic looking mural and it's so easy to do as it is just like hanging wallpaper! This gorgeous Paris apartment style window box, will create a backdrop in a room that will makes you...

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If the look you prefer for your bedroom is stunningly beautiful in fashionable black and white then you may not need to look any further as this 7-Piece flocking comforter set that is a "cut above the rest".. You could imagine this monarchical...

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A beautiful rendition of the Eiffel tower as it stretches its 324 meter frame toward the Paris Skyline.. The colors are surreal and the look Parisian contemporary with a fabulous view of this iconic tower which has stood the test of time where it...

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Breathtakingly beautiful are words that come to mind when your eyes first see this romantic 19th century painting of a Paris cafe scene...It is the eloquent architecture of this fair city that continues to find the romantic within and makes us dare...

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Once you set up this Parisian cafe screen you are likely to be drinking "cafe au lait" and romanticizing about life in this fascinating city.where socializing over coffee is an integral part of everyday Paris life.. If you thought the color and...

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