The regal pattern of damask mixes beautifully with a contemporary color combo to add that special touch of elegance to a Paris theme.. The design is exquisite and possibly as old as time but stands proudly against a 21st century decor... There...

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Paris and Damask are a match made in decor heaven! It has all the ingredients necessary to compliment  a room where elegance is the key. The endearing designs of damask may have been created in a land called Damascus but it was through the eyes...

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This is possibly one of the best wall posters made of Paris monuments with it's vintage hue and magnificent rendition of this cities architectural genius.. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel Notre Dame Cathedral began...

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Decorating your bathroom with a Paris theme? I think you will be very excited when you see this impressive  toilet seat applique that features Paris Fashion, Pink Poodles. French Parfum and "La Tour Eiffel." The imagery is tres belle and sure to...

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Rejoice in the splendor of furniture that took pride of place in homes of 18th century citizens..With a distinct French flavor you will delight in the beauty of this white vanity set with mirror and cushioned stool. With five drawers there is...

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A classical mirror reflects a time when furniture and decor was visually elaborate and grand...This Cherry colored Cheval Mirror with its oval frame and ornate wood finishes is a return to that time but now starring in your Paris bedroom.. Size...

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