Beautiful pink and white damask pattern adds glamor to this bean bag - chair lounger which will be a welcome addition to a bedroom or living area. it's got the Parisian Pink Factor and is made of quality cotton duck and filled with eco-friendly...

$118.68 as at 13:34 UTC. (Details)

Bring the Eiffel Tower into a room and create a Paris scene that is romantic and visually stunning. This magical room divider measures 71 inches in height x 15.75 inches in width x 5/8 inches in thickness. A high quality item that will divide...

$129.00 as at 12:17 UTC. (Details)

Imaginative imagery of Paris dominates the face of this vintage/inspired wall clock making it a desirable choice for the collector of Parisian adornments. Measuring 10.5 inches in diameter this endearing clock will not only alert you to the time...

$29.95 as at 16:27 UTC. (Details)

Great sign to put on your bedroom door or wall to let everyone know that his is a Paris domain.. The sign measures 4" x 18" and is made of PVC plastic good enough to last up to 5 years if ever used outdoors. Who can resist a pink and white...

$8.99 as at 16:27 UTC. (Details)

Add a stylish Paris accent to your home this one of a kind Eiffel Tower End Table. it's constructed of metal with an enamel finish and looks very much like the real "Tour Eiffel" due to it's very clever and authentic design. Size is 26" x 26"...

$149.95 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)

Love Paris? Check out this vibrant blue vintage/Paris theme cushion cover featuring decorative Paris postcard script, made of quality canvas and cotton. Size is 18" x 18" with hidden zippers so the look is upmarket, Paris chic! Comes in a...

$21.99 as at 06:58 UTC. (Details)

Nothing gives such a romantic, elegant light in a room as a crystal chandelier and today we still equate these beautiful, historic lights with classic European grandeur. If you have ever seen the "Hall of Mirrors" in the French palace of...

$235.17 as at 17:27 UTC. (Details)

I remember seeing a damask patterned wallpaper on the wall of a relatives house when i was growing up and thinking at the time how grandiose it appeared. I later discovered that this "old world" pattern was inherited from a reversible woven fabric...

$46.30 as at 17:34 UTC. (Details)

Discover the elegant, majesty of damask patterns that were prominent in the Palace of Versailles many centuries ago during the various reigns of French royalty.. There is nothing quite so regal as a damask pattern and when you apply it to a Paris...

$53.99 as at 17:34 UTC. (Details)

True to Deco form this spectacular maze of silver leaves, spires and lily blooms will glow with the Deco light of brilliance, wherever it is placed in your home.. it measures 11-1/2" x 8-5/8" x 32 inches in height,.so it's a fairly tall decor...

$31.95 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

To look at this Art Deco, reproduction beauty, you might believe it is real bronze, as the finish is quite superb and extremely authentic to the eye. The sculpture is also very heavy, which is another reason to believe you have an Art Deco...

$118.13 as at 16:06 UTC. (Details)

The Art Deco ladies with the lamp are now a most sought after item for their beauty of form and magical Deco, design. The lamp features an ivory and gold finish with an on/off switch on the chord and uses one/25 watt bulb. Overall size is 5"...

$89.90 as at 19:07 UTC. (Details)

Erte was a Russian born artist who moved to Paris where he became the toast of the town for his excellence as a designer of fashion, jewelry and interior decor. Known as the father of "Art Deco," Erte was  also  a sculptor who has inspired others...

$127.71 as at 13:52 UTC. (Details)

Art Deco Bougeoir Paris has produced so many varying styles of furniture and home decor but none was quite like the advent of a new movement in the early 1920's called Art Deco, which came after the creative "no mans land," of the first world war,...

$81.68 as at 19:07 UTC. (Details)

Rococo was an 18th century movement of artistic change in Paris where new and exciting furniture was created as a reaction to the style of Baroque which was governed by the palace of Versailles and the Roman Catholic church. Artists have always...

$446.25 as at 18:00 UTC. (Details)

Rococo artists were rebels of a type who began creating works that were different to the Baroque style that was implemented by French royalty.under strict guidelines. Colors were lighter ..creams and pastels with ornate, curvaceous shapes and...

$56.99 as at 16:06 UTC. (Details)

The regal pattern of damask mixes beautifully with a contemporary color combo to add that special touch of elegance to a Paris theme.. The design is exquisite and possibly as old as time but stands proudly against a 21st century decor... There...

$36.08 as at 15:35 UTC. (Details)

Paris and Damask are a match made in decor heaven! It has all the ingredients necessary to compliment  a room where elegance is the key. The endearing designs of damask may have been created in a land called Damascus but it was through the eyes...

$24.99 as at 06:58 UTC. (Details)

This is possibly one of the best wall posters made of Paris monuments with it's vintage hue and magnificent rendition of this cities architectural genius.. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 by Gustav Eiffel Notre Dame Cathedral began...

$9.19 as at 20:52 UTC. (Details)

This tapestry throw with an outstanding Paris theme, is so beautiful you might want to hang it on the wall. The collage of Paris architecture with Moulin Rouge dancers, a cabaret started in the same year, the Eiffel tower was constructed for all the...

$49.48 as at 00:25 UTC. (Details)

Decorating your bathroom with a Paris theme? I think you will be very excited when you see this impressive  toilet seat applique that features Paris Fashion, Pink Poodles. French Parfum and "La Tour Eiffel." The imagery is tres belle and sure to...

$16.23 as at 06:55 UTC. (Details)

Rejoice in the splendor of furniture that took pride of place in homes of 18th century citizens..With a distinct French flavor you will delight in the beauty of this white vanity set with mirror and cushioned stool. With five drawers there is...

$196.51 as at 08:57 UTC. (Details)

This is a charming rendition of a furniture style established in the 1700's during the rein of Queen Anne - Great Britain. The cabriolet legs, oak finish and curvaceous shape are all characteristics of this period design which will add class and...

$81.94 as at 09:56 UTC. (Details)

A classical mirror reflects a time when furniture and decor was visually elaborate and grand...This Cherry colored Cheval Mirror with its oval frame and ornate wood finishes is a return to that time but now starring in your Paris bedroom.. Size...

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Every Paris girl requires a full length mirror where she can evaluate her attire for the day ahead...If she is a modern girl at heart then she may be drawn to the allure of this contemporary mirror in a sleek, espresso finish.. Size is 18.8" x...

$40.51 as at 05:33 UTC. (Details)

This is a fine piece of furniture that has the look of a vanity created centuries ago.. A timeless beauty finished in white with three mirrors to catch every angle. There is also an elegant stool that is available with  a paisley or colored...

$140.00 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

This style of vanity is perfect for a space where modern, chic is preferred.. Finished in elegant white with a beige seat you can't go wrong creating a Paris themed bedroom with a piece of French inspired furniture like this as a...

$50.24 as at 18:13 UTC. (Details)

A more contemporary Vanity Set for the bathroom or boudoir in a popular espresso finish. The set includes a vanity with one drawer, elegant swivel mirror and stool. Not only is this set favored for its chic, modern looks but has a growing army...

$89.10 as at 18:13 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de Lis has had many incarnations as a symbol of purity, courage  and light. Highly popular through the ages for its monarchical and religious  symbolism, the beautiful "flower of the lily" is a timeless motif that continues to delight us...

$5.97 as at 15:35 UTC. (Details)

The Fleur de Lis or "flower of the lily" is a national symbol of France and legend has it that this famous motif was first seen on the shield of a French Monarch in the 12th century. It is also said that the Fleur de Lis has religious connotations...

$5.40 as at 12:19 UTC. (Details)

If you are on the lookout for things to add to your French - themed kitchen then this gorgeous dish  towel is sure to provide some Parisian pizzazz.. Size is 18" x 26" and 100% natural woven cotton. Another fabulous work of art  by renowned...

$5.85 as at 12:19 UTC. (Details)

A Paris Museum, Cathedral, Street,Church and Monuments all feature in the list of Parisian landmarks and sights on this character wall plaque. The blackboard effect with the "Eiffel Tower" shadow in the background is highly appealing in a style...

$19.59 as at 01:12 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking to make a grand statement in a room and Paris is your first thought then you can't go past this outstanding rendition of the "Eiffel Tower" The artist's photo shot is stunning as you look up into the abyss of this century old...

$99.00 as at 19:08 UTC. (Details)

This reminds me of a classic landscape painting with a shadowy view of the Eiffel Tower as she appears almost nestled amongst the trees. The black and white style of photography only adds to the mystery of this mesmeric,  imagery as the tower...

$28.00 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

This is a more petite size poster for a room with limited wall space. The bonus here is that the poster itself is one of the best. With the words Paris and France glaring from a very realistic "Eiffel Tower" photo I believe this engaging piece of...

$7.38 as at 05:18 UTC. (Details)

Lampe Berger has come a long way since its creation in 1898 as a means to cleanse hospital rooms and wards.These days the beautifully designed lamps are used to counteract offensive odors while oxidizing the air.. There are various fragrances...

$18.99 as at 11:59 UTC. (Details)

if you have a Parisian themed party coming up this Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter is bound to put smile on the faces of young and old..The Eiffel Towel is at the heart of Paris life which would not be the same without this pillar of creative French...

$1.99 as at 12:19 UTC. (Details)

Featuring a blue slate, Eiffel tower base with a French script designed shade, this stylish table lamp could be ideal for enhancing a Paris theme. It's a smaller sized lamp measuring 16" in height x 12" in diameter with the Eiffel tower base only...

$30.97 as at 19:09 UTC. (Details)

Take a look a the is gorgeous cottage - style bench covered in stunning  French Script (linen) with classic turned legs. Size is 48 inches in width x 22 inches in depth x 16-1/2 inches in height. A fabulous tribute to Parisian...

$315.00 as at 18:14 UTC. (Details)