Paris Apartment Decor

Paris embodies the very definition of romanticism, and you can clearly see this in the way native Parisians decorate their living spaces. A classic Parisian apartment is decorated in an eclectic sort of classic style, full of appealing aesthetics and functional pieces. Paris apartment décor is exclusive to the beautiful French city, however. You can bring Paris decor into your own apartment with the right additions and know how on Parisian style.

Paris apartment décor is a mix and mash up of elegant styles and contemporary designs. Sophistication is the ultimate feel in any Parisian apartment, along with a sense of personality unique to the decorator. With A Parisian theme, you can really merge together fashions and fabrics that range from traditional, classic looks with more modern pieces. For instance, a lounge chair that has images of the Eiffel Tower or shelving decorated in black and white damask designs are both great examples of mixing old with new. A bright rug with vintage Fleur de lis patterns is also a wonderful addition to an apartment, both for its look and for its function to keep feet warm.

For wall décor, an accent wall of paint is more than enough to coat your walls in. Parisian apartments typically boast bright white walls, so keep this in mind when decorating your space in the Paris fashion. Even if you opt to not add in an accent wall, you can still really make white walls pop with canvas prints, clocks, and accessory hangings with Parisian images. You can even cover an entire wall with a mural that replicates the image of looking out a window in Paris and seeing the sights, such as the Eiffel Tower. Don’t be afraid to be creative, as you really can mix just about anything together to give your space the ultimate Parisian vibe. Crystal drop chandeliers, fringe lamp shades, and deco art pieces are fancy, yet affordable, and make the atmosphere truly lovely and French.

French flea markets are extremely popular in Paris as well, so you can also bring this whole idea into your apartment, too. Vintage knick knacks such as figurines, vases, bookends, hatboxes, or photo frames are beautiful and fun additions to your Paris themed apartment, and they are truly one of a kind. Shabby chic wall mirrors for the hallways and bedrooms, Eiffel tower decor and bedding, complete with silk throw pillows looks amazing in a master bedroom, and matching brass toiletry sets look splendid in the bathrooms.

A Paris themed apartment really can be blended into any room, and the options are limitless when it comes to what all you can incorporate and bring together. Hand towels that feature French script are perfect for the kitchen, while coasters with images of vintage Parisian postcards look brilliant on any table. You can even merge Paris into useful items such as coffee mugs, wine glasses, or dish sets. There really is no ceiling to what you can do to make your home feel like an authentic Parisian apartment, so have a ball with putting everything together. Bringing the look and feel of a Parisian apartment into your home is all about utilizing shabby chic aesthetics, flirty color, exquisite designs, and classic French imagery that represent romance and individual style. By understanding how to put this style together, you can truly create a space that makes you forget that you’re not actually lounging about in an apartment just down the way from the Arc de Triomphe.

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