Paris Decor

Some of the finest furniture ever made came out of Paris in the reign of the infamous French Louis kings, who commissioned skilled craftsmen to create furniture for their palaces in the traditional baroque and more playful rococo style, With such an awe-inspiring history of fine furniture, it is no wonder Parisians still hunt for bargains in the local brocantes or flea markets hoping to find undiscovered remnants of this golden era of furniture making and fine arts.

Paris may have discarded its Monarchical rule during the French revolution but if you walk through a classic Haussmann’s, Parisian apartment you are bound to find in the decor, a few pieces at least, of 17th century Baroque furniture and reference to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, a visionary explosion of decorative forms by artists wanting to break free from the traditional constraints of the historical, baroque era.

Everywhere you go in Paris you see the message of the past in it’s classical architecture and Napoleon inspired avenues and parks, so it’s not surprising to find Parisians mixing their Paris decor look with modern and antique furnishings.

You won’t need to visit the Paris broncantes for decor pieces, Paris themed bedding and furniture, if you are living somewhere other than France, as there is so much available for you to create your own Paris decor haven, with all the beauty and glamour one would expect to see in an elegant Parisian chateau or apartment. You could opt for bedding that features the iconic Eiffel tower or romanticize your boudoir with a black and white damask comforter or duvet with a sparkling crystal chandelier and French style furniture, painted in white..In the living area a clean lined, contemporary sofa will pair nicely with ornate accent chairs in the popular Louis style offset by a vintage mirror in gold or silver with white painted walls to emulate that classic Parisian light and airy, apartment appeal The emphasis is on chic, elegance and the blending with what has come before and the current decor trends of the day.The word effortless is synonymous with Paris decor design so take note of imagery you see in magazines or online, which wlll help you create your Parisian dream home.

The Paris way of deorating is timesless, elegance as Coco Chanel, a famous Parisian fashion designer once said

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” ~ Coco Chanel



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