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~Noel a Paris~

What more magical place at Christmas time is there in this world than in the City of Lights itself? Paris does the holiday season justice and the buildup to Christmas day takes the already-romantic place to new levels in its exquisite beauty. This historic French city brings the literal sense of the phrase “city of lights” to new heights as it covers the iconic Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees with thousands upon thousands of twinkling Christmas lights. Holiday-themed carousels also light the way in the city, being placed all over Paris just for the Christmas season.

Window shopping takes on a new meaning in the streets of Paris during the holiday season as the biggest department stores decorate their window displays in competition with each other. Children come from all over, dressed in festive attire, to judge what stores have the best windows of the season. But retail stores aren’t the only businesses putting on a show for Christmas. Chocolate and pastry boutiques are especially busy this time of year, as Parisians are so in the mood for treats that the bakers can barely keep the sweets on the shelves!

Take a Christmas pony ride through the streets of Paris over to the Centre Pompidou that boasts an annual Avante-Garde Christmas tree extravaganza. Here, you’ll find tons of Christmas trees decorated in unusual, beautiful, and eclectic Paris fashion. And the best part—the center takes the entrance fee and gives back to an orphaned children’s charity.

And of course, this beautiful city would not be complete without an age old holiday and wintertime tradition of ice skating! In Paris, this simple pastime takes on a different air of wonder as a huge ice skating rink is set up just at the base of the Eiffel tower. Only Paris could truly make the holiday season into an enchanting wonderland.

La Tour Eiffel

Ice Skating

Arc de Triomphe

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