Paris Decor From The City of Pure Romance!

Paris is not a latest movie that has people flocking to the cinema or a pop star with a memorable song that is zooming up the charts, it is instead a city, some two thousand years in the making with a celebrity status that is up their with the stars who make music we love and film stars that walk the red carpet on Oscar night smiling at their adoring fans!

You see Paris is a star in her own right with a mystique that prompts so many of us to jump on the next plane and embrace the intangible ambiance that seems so magical from afar? Paris has earned it’s stripes as possibly the most romantic destination on the planet with a history that goes back to the first king of what was to become France, Clovis then king of the Franks who instantly inspired romanticism with a legendary story of an angel presenting him with a golden lily upon his conversion to Christianity.That lily is the famed Fleur de lis, a symbol that became a heraldic motif appearing on the shields of French royalty and on a flag carried by Joan of Arc as she joined the battle to retake Paris from the British in the early 1400’s. Even this young and incredibly brave French girl has glamorized the stance of Paris as a romantic heroine who has inspired art and other creative works while becoming a “girl power” role model for generations of young women.

A long history of royal rule has brought Paris to the fore in this 21st century and reminded us about fairy tales told to us as children of handsome and beautiful monarchs who ruled the land and lived in beautiful palaces, always happily ever after. We then grew up watching movies about princesses and princes and dreamed of being just like them, much as we also do with a favorite movie or pop star.and as we get older the memory is still there, as we navigate our lives as adults still holding onto a romantic notion and a happily ever after dream!

The palace of Versailles is a fabulous reminder of how French royals lived with breathtaking rooms and furnishings that show a life of immense wealth and privilege, with the resident King and Queen representing something larger than life, similar to a celebrity today who just seems to have an  existence that so many can only imagine.

Centuries of royal rule would seem enough to stylize Paris as blissfully romantic, but there is more to the story of this evolving land as a young revolutionary named Napoleon Bonaparte who came to be called Emperor of France and a hero of the people after an era of monarchical rule shows. Deemed one of the greatest military leaders of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte has been romanticized through the centuries, giving Paris an aura of emotionalism that has added to the charisma of a city infused with change.

Paris has a creative edge perhaps like no other, with it’s evolution of various architectural trends borrowed from ancient Roman times, as originally Paris was a Roman city named Lutetia. Even Napoleon played a part in reshaping the city of light with the Haussmann project that was designed to make Paris the most beautiful and efficiently structured city in the world. One can see so many trends in buildings through the ages, with the Gothic inspired Notre Dame cathedral, Arc de Triomphe a take on a Roman triumphal arch commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Baroque style of the Versailles palace and the exceptional Eiffel tower, which, might just be the creme de la creme, of Parisian style and romanticism.

Eiffel tower and Paris decor have never been so popular with people of all ages embracing the elegance of Parisian a la mode, with a nostalgic salute to a decorative past where fairy-tale French palaces and chateaus were furnished with stunning damask wall hangings, crystal chandeliers and ornate, carved furniture that was made by artisan craftsmen who were instructed to create only the finest furniture for the courts..

Creating a Paris decor is to draw upon the true romantic within, as castles in the clouds and handsome princes on white horses seem real in the realm of a Paris themed bedroom where one can dream and imagine for a moment what it was like to be Marie Antoinette, wife to King Louis XVI and live in luxurious surroundings with a wardrobe that was filled with the kind of expensive, fashionable clothing a Queen of France would be expected to wear. Allowing Paris glamor and refinement to enter your contemporary home is like playing dress-ups as a child where you are the princess in your own, romantic make believe world.

Yes Paris is romantique!

Chateau de Versailles

Arc de Triomphe


Joan Of Arc Statue

Hall Of Mirrors – Palace Of Versailles


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