Paris Decor – The Eiffel Tower Is In Your Room

Paris is the kind of city that we all want to visit with It’s artsy, romantic, stylish, ambiance. So how about bringing Paris to life in your room?

The item that gets the most attention in a bedroom is (you guessed it!) the bed. You can give your place of rest a special, French, vibe by throwing Eiffel tower bedding on it. Paris bedding does not only include the Eiffel Tower but also Damask patterns which every bedroom.

You can choose among a variety of styles for your bedroom – do you prefer a more nostalgic, ethereal feeling or do you prefer a more modern effect? This will help you choose a color scheme. For the first ,you want to select neutral colors (pastel yellow, taupe, beige) while for the second go for a bold contrast, for example HOT pink with black.

A very simple way to enhance the style is to hang black and white pictures of personalities that lived and thrived in Paris. From Coco Chanel to Vincent Van Gogh, great minds have resided in this city. Search for someone who inspires you!

Paris postcards are just the thing when it comes to romanticism. Just look online for the perfect postcard! Then you can place them around the bedroom among your own pictures or on your night table. You can even use them as bookmarks when reading a book.And since we are talking literature… Get informed about French writers. You can fill your book selves with French literature. Not only you will discover a new amazing world but you will add a nice touch in your bedroom.

You certainly need something to light up that beautiful space. How about a chandelier? They give an antique feeling and opulence reminiscent of 18th century French chateaus’ or as the French would pronounce, chateaux.. If for any reason ,you can’t have a chandelier you can go for a chandelier style table lamp. Read “The Little Prince” by its stylish light! Now go and search for this Paris bedding right here! Have fun creating your own tiny Paris!





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