Paris Decor – Why Do We Love Paris?

Paris détient la clé de votre coeur!

Or, in other words, Paris holds the key to your heart! What is it about this city of lights that finds a place in our hearts so permanently? It could be the timeless architecture—from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre—or the vibrant history of France’s ultimate hub for creativity, love, and amazing food. Not to mention some of the classic movies that are set here, such as Charade, French Kiss, Les Miserables, Amelie, and The DaVinci Code.

The lifestyle itself is laid-back, yet regal, with the comfortable notion of never being in a hurry, while offering a sprinkle of glitz in fashion and artistic freedom. It’s no wonder that this very lifestyle full of romance and pleasing-to-the-senses imagery is something we yearn to incorporate into our own lifestyles and homes. From glamorous Parisian prints such as damask, to classic images of poodles, Audrey Hepburn, and the Eiffel Tower, it is seamless to merge the captivating feel of Paris into your living space!

Colors of blacks, whites, and deep pinks seem to romanticize our feelings as we walk into a room. Top that with black metal art pieces, or vintage-looking art and accessories and you’ve created a place much like the city of love itself. Who says when you leave Paris that you have to leave it behind completely?

It is all but impossible not to fall in love with a place so full of wonder, enchantment, and charismatic elegance. Paris holds a piece of us all within it, whether it be our nature, our creativity, our romance, or our bewitching curiosity of such a rich place in time. Paris does, after all, hold the key to our hearts.

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