Paris Decor With a Royal Chateau Theme

if you want to decorate your 21st century home in chic Parisian style you can get all the transformations tips you need from the palace of Versailles, a stunning tribute to baroque architecture and located in one of the wealthier suburbs of Paris, where French royals lived for over a century during the reigns of Louis XIV known as the Sun king plus Louis XV and King Louis XVl. The palace was first a hunting lodge foir King Louis Xlll and then expanded into a magnificent monument of absolute monarchical power where no expense was spared filling every room with furnishings, art work, tapestries and sculptures with an Italian influence, as the Kings apartment consisting of seven salons, were all named after Roman gods and planets.

it is here in this fairy tale castle of extreme extravagance, beauty and grandeur, we see the origins of Paris decor as it is today, with furniture designed to emulate the social status, associated with a king of France whose chair designs are a popular choice in modern interior design and damask wall hangings that inspire us to drape our beds in this same ceremonial way. With the advent of the French revolution much of the exquisite furniture in the palace was destroyed, or sold to finance the revolution and ironically many pieces were purchased by English collectors and royalty.

Marie Antoinette, the Austrian Archduchess and wife to King Louis XVl  had a very elaborate Paris decor style, within the walls of Chateau de Versailles and favored pastels in the Queens apartment where the influence was Neo Classical, drawing on the architectural beauty of ancient Greece and Egypt for inspiration in her private chambers. The young Queen of France was renowned for her lavish spending on gowns, furniture, jewels and big fashionable hairstyles accessorized with pearls, diamonds feathers and flowers made her a fashion icon then and today, as so much of her style has transcended to this modern age.

A Marie Antoinette princess themed bedroom is a popular choice with those who long to relive the magical life of a Queen living in a Parisian palace. This room would be decidedly feminine and befitting of a princess with carved, antique style furniture trimmed with gold, taffeta, silk and brocade fabrics in pink, green and blue pastels, accented with gold and soft floral motif’s  This stamps Marie Antoinette, Paris decor a la mode, along with portrait themed artwork, gilded mirrors, glamorous window treatments and chandeliers plus stenciled walls and ceilings The epitome of Paris chic and why Parisians today still decorate their homes with reference to a regal past, while incorporating the latest trends and flea market accents.

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