Paris Eiffel Tower 3-Piece Hand-painted Wall Art

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Paris handpainted tour eiffel art mural

The Eiffel tower is without a doubt one of the most recognized structures on the planet and synonymous with Paris France, as it’s magnificent symbol of creative design by Gustave Eiffel a French engineer whose fantastic vision of a tall metal tower reaching into the clouds became a reality that has given the beautiful city of Paris a landmark which many sight as the new eighth wonder of the world.

But there is more to Paris than La Tour Eiffel, as it is abound with the most stunning monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, a triumphal arch influenced in it’s design by the Arc of Titus in Rome and commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, the man who ended centuries of monarchical rule in France. The Arc took around thirty years to complete and stands in the Place Charles de Gaulle at the western end of Champs-Elysees Avenue, as a monument to soldiers that fought and died in the many wars he waged against other European powers.

The captivating ancient architecture of Paris will never leave you wanting for more as the ancient  monuments and cathedrals are a wondrous step back in time and a way to gauge French history with the palace of Versailles giving an insight to how the line of French royals lived.during their time as supreme rulers overall of France.

These three black and white with a glamorous glint of red, unique oil paintings will be a standout feature on the wall and a glimpse of Paris and it’s breathtaking buildings,

The size of each painting is 12″ x 16″ and together they will create a monumental focal point that will always catch the eye wherever they are placed in the home, cafe or reception area. Each painting has been carefully stretched onto canvas so they are ready to hang from the moment they arrive at your door. You may also be pleased to know that each piece of Paris art has been hand-painted with environmentally friendly oil paints.

At this incredibly generous price you won’t want to miss the opportunity to have an artists fabulous view of this romantic, mystical city on your wall.

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