Paris, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe Vintage Cushion Covers

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A set of cushion covers that compliment each other beautifully is always a great find and if you have been  looking to update your sofa with a glmorous vintage Paris theme, you might be really pleased to see these gorgeous covers featuring two of the most well known monuments in Paris!

The Arc de Triomphe was the vision of Napoleon Bonaparte and inspired by the classic triumphal arches of Rome as a way to honor his Grandee Armee,  stars on the first cover while the other adorable cushion cover needs little introduction with the Eiffel tower standing proud and named after the designer who created it out of wrought iron, which at the time was not a popular choice as Paris monuments were made of stone.

it’s incredible how popular this pylon-shaped tower has become in the last one hundred and twenty six years since it’s creation with so many people waiting in anticipation to climb the tower and take in the spectacular views of the most romantic city on earth.

Now you can embrace the romanticism of  Paris, the city of light and it’s historical  monuments with cushion covers decorated so prettily with Paris postmarks, butterflies and shades of pink flowers, that add a feminine, vintage appeal

The size of each cover is 18″ x 18″ and the fabric is a quality blend of cotton and polyester, which has the soft, breathable qualities of cotton mixed with wrinkle-free, durable polyester that continuously washes well.

Before you order just a note to remind you that these are cushion covers only, so you will need an inner or cushions in this size you might already have. One things for sure, when these two cushions are place on your sofa the visual effect will be tres belle, fantastique!!

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