Paris, Eiffel Tower Statue, Metal Cake Stand

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The Eiffel tower presents a dream of a visionary man who dared to be different and impress upon a nation that he could build the tallest structure in the world out of metal, something that was completely left field in the 17th century, as you could well imagine. But since the dawn of time there have been those that stood above the rest and effected change, as did Monsieur Eiffel who entered a competition to build an impressive structure for an up and coming Paris world fair that would show the world that France had arrived in the areas of science and technology. .As the Eiffel tower came together on the park rounds of the champ de mars, it was met with a ton of opposition from those who thought a metal tower would destroy the historic ambiance of Paris

Years on “La tour Eiffel” has proven she is a force to be reckoned as a beloved symbol of her own nation and captivation to all who visit her.

Now you can enjoy the intricate lattice detail of this unique tower with a fabulous French souvenir, made of alloy metal and ready to surprise a Paris fan or take center stage on top of a Paris themed birthday or wedding cake.

The size is 6″ in height x 2.5″ in width at the bottom and comes in sleek black, always a popular decor choice. It may not be as large as the original tower, which reaches into the clouds at 324 meters including antennas, but for those who have visited Paris or long to go there, this very good quality statue will never fail to get compliments just like La Tour Eiffel!


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