Paris Kitchen Decor

Paris kitchen décor is a fabulous way to really make the best room in your home feel like an authentic French Parisian café. These cafes in the City of Light are world renowned for being an ultimate city staple, and when someone utters the words “Parisian café”, an instantly recognizable image comes to everyone’s minds. Inside a bright, small shop filled with the aromas of fresh pastries and dark roast espresso, or outside in the cool morning air watching the tourists walk by—this is a feeling you get only one place in the world. Wait a second—you can actually replicate this atmosphere in your very own home with the right Paris kitchen décor!

A coffee bar in the kitchen is a great place to start, complete with flavored syrups in the French tastes of sweetness and rich, wrapped chocolates nearby. A pod holder in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and counter mats with the images of a Parisian mocha center and a canvas on the wall of a steaming cup of espresso is a delightful little setup. Sandstone coasters with the images of Parisian icons that can easily be seen from a Parisian outdoor café are the perfect Paris kitchen decor You can really transform your kitchen with items like French postcard hand towels, café infused rugs or drying mats, and city artwork trash can sets. Other more functional artwork could include metal works clocks in the shape of coffee mugs, or wooden wall panels with hooks that boast cute images of French poodles. Your Paris kitchen theme doesn’t just have to streamline with coffee, however. You can bring that café feel to other items as well, such as Eiffel Tower wineglasses, colorful French wine charms, or Love Lock Bridge bottle stoppers. Wall decals in the shapes of Paris landmarks or canvases of French stamps are lovely for the atmosphere of the space as well. The actual color of your kitchen space can be extremely impacting, too, so opt for bold and sexy colors such as reds, pinks, browns, or purples. Cabinetry can be a distressed, shabby chic design, and you can even get creative with adornments like handles, knobs, and magnets for your refrigerator.

But really, giving your kitchen the feel of a Parisian café is all about the accents and accessories. Glass candlesticks with sparkling teardrop crystal adornments, a well-placed, French hatbox full of coffee extras like sugars and stirrers, or a chic shelving unit made to display all your unique and beautiful mugs are all wonderful décor items that tie the whole ambience of a French café together. The look of a Parisian café is all about how you feel when you walk in, so aim to capture that feeling with your kitchen décor. A café look should be warm and inviting, yet pensive and inspiring. This is the first place you walk into each morning and you can set it up to truly become a room that starts off your day brilliantly. So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a glass of deep red wine and grab a dark cocoa bonbon with a croissant. Kick back in your metal bistro table and enjoy the gorgeous space that you have created around yourself in your very own home.





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