Paris Night Light – Paris Eiffel Tower Lighted – France

Spectacle de lumière de la Tour Eiffel

Around sundown every day the Eiffel tower lights up with a  glittering golden glow that erupts every hour into a magical display of flashing lights, guaranteed to take your breath away. No matter where you are in Paris you will bear witness to the powerful beacon, consisting of two light beams that move in opposite directions as it sweeps across Paris and can be seen from fifty miles away. it was one hundred years after the construction of La Tour Eiffel, that this spectacular light show was introduced and since then has wowed visitors from every corner of the globe with it’s memorizing dance of sparkling light.

It takes 20,000 special bulbs to create this powerful show of light, which at times has changed from it’s resident golden glow to a variety of colors as it commemorates certain occasions like Christmas, Bastille day, New year or more recently as a tribute to the victims of the Paris attack, where the la tour Eiffel displayed red, white and blue, the colors of the French flag.

The  Eiffel tower after dark, light show has been captured beautifully by world renowned artist “Leonid Afremov” on this colorful nightlight, measuring  approx 3″ x 3.75″ and featuring a completely encased 4 watt bulb with a glass front and plug that can be rotated to fit most outlets.This is a solid lighting unit that has been designed for safety and a visually exciting look, so if you love the thought of having your own colorful Eiffel tower light show, this adorable nightlight will be a wonderful find!







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