Paris Themed Bedding Inspired By The French Royals Of The Past

A Parisian look in the home can be as fun as it is elegant, and it’s absolutely the perfect décor for a teen’s bedroom specifically. You can completely transform the space with the right Paris themed bedding—and the good news? The options are limitless and delightfully interchangeable!

Regal Damask or Romantic Eiffel Tower Bedding

From elite patterns of damask and Fleur de lis to ionic imagery of the Eiffel Tower or a romantic French café, Paris themed bedding offers just about everything for any personality and style taste. A complete bedding set in a hot pink hue with drawings of Paris landmarks covering brilliant ivory cotton sheets that boast the look of old Parisian writing is a lovely look that mixes bold with subtle chic.

Beautiful bedding From The City Of Light

Parisian phrases on shams and fuzzy throw pillows are another great example of how you can merge the elegance of Paris themed bedding with a pop of happy color. Fabrics are just as important as hues and designs, so opt for soft and pleasant textures. For more subtle looks that still transform a bedroom, solid color comforters with black and white damask runners or golden tassel pillows do just the trick, or even a simple rose motif on the sheets.

Paris Bedding Inspired By the French Royals!

Teens love a little color so pink, purple and turqoise added to a gorgeous Paris theme makes for a bedroom with all the elegance of a city bursting at the seams, with architecture that inspires the senses and takes us back in history to a Paris ruled by royals from a mystical palace adorned with art, and furnishing treasures, befitting of a French King!

it is this era that inspires romantic Paris themed bedding ,so easy to do with French postmarks, script and stunning illustrative images of the monuments that bring people from every corner of the planet to see the wonders of this city of light and amour!

Regardless of how you choose to bring Paris themed bedding into your teen’s bedroom, it is simply marvelous just how versatile something so lovely can really be.

Eiffel Tower Bedding

Gorgeous Damask Bedding





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