Paris Wall Decor – A Lesson In Artistic Artwork

Paris is an artistic landscape with historic buildings providing a gallery of priceless works of art set in stone and iron. The long-standing of this evolving city has produced an eclectic range of monuments idolized by architects and appreciated by everyday folk who see the vision behind structures such as the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur church and an industrial idol known to all as the Eiffel Tower.

Sacre-Coeur Church, Parois
Sacre Coeur Basilica

La Tour Eiffel needs little introduction as a French success story and popular art choice for folks of any age. Paris wall decor often features the lattice tower that had its start back in the late 1800s as something bold, new and breathtaking. You’d have to be fairly confident or crazy to build a strange looking structure in a city blessed with esoteric stone churches, bridges, and monuments but that’s exactly what a guy called Gustave Eiffel did when prompted to provide an entranceway to the 1889 Exposition Universelle.

Eiffel Tower being constructed
The Building Of The Eiffel Tower

Cry’s of complaint were heard in all quarters as the Eiffel Tower began to rise above the city with a sci-fi hologram stance overshadowing the established Stonehenge vision of beauty. Visitors to Paris at the time may have feared the city was under siege from an alien invasion as each layer and rivet plunged into the metal framework created a foreboding height soon to earn the title of the tallest tower on earth.

Vintage image of the Eiffel Tower. Paris
Eiffel Tower

The recent fire that threatened to engulf the Notre Dame Cathedral sent shock waves around the world with fears that one of the city’s oldest and most revered monuments would not survive. Having stood for over 800 years as an outstanding symbol of Gothic architecture and Roman Catholic faith the news that Notre Dame will be restored to its former glory was heartening for fans everywhere. It took around 200 years to build this magnificent matriarch which has withstood 100 years of war and a revolution that saw Napoleon Bonaparte crowned first Emperor of France within the cathedral walls. The tenacity of the French spirit ensures Notre Dame will endure and retain its prominence as an integral part of French history.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Notre-Dame de Paris

Eiffel Tower pictures and canvas prints of the Arc de Triomphe, an archway at one end of the Champs-Elysees Avenue are crowd-pleasing snippets of Paris you can showcase in your home, office or reception area. The Arc de Triomphe represents the highest accolade given for brave French souls that fought to protect their fatherland and the idea to build it came from Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted a victory entrance to pass through with his Grandee Armee after each triumph on the battlefield. The antique allurement of this stone edifice strikes an eye-catching pose as a piece of Paris wall decor.

Arc de Triomphe at night in Paris
Arc de Triomphe

Paris wall decor sets a stylish, chic theme with the Eiffel tower often accompanied by the Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe monuments. Their consummate beauty as individual Parisian icons see them appearing on walls in painted or photographed forms. Their presence is always commanding as a memento of this sparkling Euro city. Place them in a Paris themed room and let their artfulness shine. Pictures are generally affordable and come ready to hang on the wall.