Pretty, Girls Paris Themed Bedroom

A Parisian décor is such a versatile and timeless look, boasting ambiences of romance, fun, joy, and just undisputed loveliness. It works for old and young, or boisterous and studious alike, and offers something for every single type of personality. That’s why, when looking for the perfect theme for a young girl’s bedroom, you’ll have to look no further than a Parisian one!

Create Your Unique, Paris Decor Look!

You can completely transform the bedroom space into a whimsical replica of what it’s like to be in the magical City of Lights, and you’ve got tons of options to do so! A sweet welcome decal above the door that reads “Bonjour!” is a great way to lead into your pretty girl’s new space. You can opt for a lilac or bright pink canvas to start with, or maybe even vertical black and white stripes for an accent wall. Fluffy bedding with creative, colorful art drawings of the Eiffel Tower, or Parisian pups on a stroll through the café lined streets, are vibrant and happy additions to a sweet girl’s bedroom space. Lacy curtains in soft ivory to frame the windows, and miniature paint-by-number stained glass pieces of the Eiffel Tower are beautiful to reflect the sunlight. A tulle canopy over the bed, Parisian pop art canvas sets for the walls, and Eiffel Tower shaped jewelry holders are all the kinds of decor accents that really breathe Paris life into the room.

Accessorice Parisian Style~

What’s even better about Parisian décor is that the mix and match possibilities are endless. Think about it: any little girl under the age of 16 has a variety of tastes when it comes to her favorite things, and it’s ever-evolving. With a Paris themed bedroom, you can stick in bold colors with pre-existing ones, and add details of throw pillows or blankets or artwork with any and every style already present. You can take your little girl from French princess to Parisian warrior just by the change of her moods! Reversable bedding styles, and beautifully distressed Parisian-esque furniture also offer amazing foundations for constant transitioning taste and decoration.

Of course, you can’t forget the little details that truly add the magic. Twinkling fairy lights strung up along the ceiling or bed headboard, a fuzzy purple rug to put her feet on every morning when she wakes up, and a bookshelf full of plush macaroon toys next to a collection of Little Madeline books complete the look of what makes Paris so irrevocably special.

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