Pretty Lavender Floral, Paris, Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain

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Paris is the kind of place that will live long in your memories and what better way to revisit a romantic honeymoon, holiday than waking up to a morning shower with a simply exquisite shower curtain, decorated so wistfully with blue, lavender flowers and the Eiffel tower, sure to hold a special memory in your heart especially if you climbed to the top and took in the incredible views of this enchanting city and it’s amazing ancient monuments! in a hustle bustle world it is so nice to have a piece of European charm right there in your bathroom, so pretty and perfect for a Parisian, bathroom theme!

The classic shower curtain size of 72″ x 72″ is on offer with an option to order in the following sizes (36″ x 72″), (48″ x 72″), (60″ x 72″), (66″ x 72″) and (72″ x 78″) giving you plenty of choice for your style of bathroom.

Lolie Lavande Eiffel Floral Tour Rideau de Douche~

Fabric is 100% durable, washable, waterproof, mold/mildew, anti-bacterial resistant polyester so easy to machine wash in cold water, with no bleach added and left to dry naturally, time and time again. The environmentally-friendly ink used to create this lovely, Paris vintage imagery means no nasty odor, while the curtain grommets are made of rust-proof metal for long lasting use. There also 12 C-shaped plastic hooks with every order!




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