Rainy Day Paris, Eiffel Tower Scenic Curtains

Rideaux de Tour Eiffel

Imagine inviting friends over for dinner and as the day folds into the night drawing the curtains to wow your guests with a view of the Paris, Eiffel tower that will take their breath away!

This set of truly captivating curtains are the best kind of wall art you could ever have, as the sheer size of the window being dressed will add a moody, romantic dynamic that will be a joy to dwell in and see everyday..

If your friends have questions about the origins and making of this magnificent French tower you could tell them that La Tour Eiffel was the genius design of a French engineer who entered a competition where the winner would build a tall tower to show a post- war world at the1889, Exposition Universelle, world fair in Paris that France had achieved immense prowess in science and technology. Such a unique pyramid inspired, metal structure was not without it’s fierce critics who thought the Eiffel tower would conflict with the classic stone architecture of beautiful monuments such as the Gothic inspired, Notre Dame cathedral, Louvre palace  and Napolean’s, Arc de Triomphe.

There are two curtain panels in each package measuring a total width of 108″ (each individual panel is 54″) in width x 84″ in length. with a 2.5″ rod pocket. if you need longer curtains you can order the 108″ in total width (2 panels) x 90″ in length. These curtains are made of a good quality satin/polyester blend that has a  soft, silky feel you can machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle then dry on a delicate cycle or hang on the line to dry.naturally.

These picturesque curtains are the ultimate conversation starter with the rain falling on the Paris, Eiffel tower and a pink, Vespa scooter parked in the forefront, a favorite mode of transport for tourists and the locals in the city of light.

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