Romantic Paris Decor

The light that shines on this magnificent capitol city of France needs no introduction to fans who adore it’s monumental landscape, historically beautiful and filled with the creative force of a land that has seen it’s share of wars and revolutions only to rise from the phoenix ashes into a worldly city called Paris where people from every part of this planet are drawn to it’s creative wonders.

is it Napoleons, Arc de Triomphe, the beautiful Gothic cathedrals or the Eiffel tower that draws us to this European nation where the diverse cultural interplay has formulated a city whose heart beats with joy as romance fills the air, making a cruise down the river Seine or a hot air balloon ride overhead a memory to cherish.

Paris is a mystical city that causes us to decorate our homes with it’s magical essence and the most popular room in the home to take on a Paris decor makeover is the bedroom, which makes perfect sense as the city of light has inspired designers to present chic Paris themed bedding so we can transform our after dark sanctuary into a glamorous Parisian boudoir, stylish and¬†elegant

With so much to draw from a royal French past we are gifted with beautiful damask comforters and duvets in black and white, a popular Paris decor choice. Eiffel tower bedding that creates a spectacular statement, delicate toile de jouy quilts with tranquil pastoral scenes and Paris bedding for girls in the colors of  pink, black and white with French poodles, postcard stamps, French script writing and royal crowns imagery

A Paris decor interior is timeless and a beautiful blend of old and new furnishings, perhaps why the infamous Parisian flea markets are a favorite haunt for those wanting to incorporate vintage pieces into a more modern interior, reflecting the overall landscape of Paris itself with it’s antiquated buildings and exciting new skyscraper structures.


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