Romantic Paris Room Theme

it’s springtime in Paris, a time of reawakening for those who call this fascinating city home. The days are longer and it’s always a good time to be in the city of light with the promise of summer days around the corner, as the locals head for the parks enoying the floral displays and bringing the joie de vivre back into everyday life as they stroll aong the river bank or picnic on the Champ de mars with the Eiffel tower in view.

Just the the thought of spending time in Paris brings a sigh of happiness with it’s ornate arcitecture providing a timeline of monarchial rule where many a king Louis and Queen, Marie Antionette, left a legacy of beautiful palaces, churches and monuments that make Paris one of the most visited cities on earth.

If you have a love affair with Paris you might be thnking about creating a Paris themed room where you can imagine for a moment you are living in this city of cafes, beautiful buildings and  gorgeous haute couture!

If you are looking to add a little Parisian romance to your living room changing the look of your throw pillows to gorgeous vintage images of the Eiffel tower, with endearing French postmarks and script will have your friends saying oh la la whenever they come to visit. Eiffel tower statues and lamps wll liven up the theme as will a beautiful painting of yesteryear Paris with La Tour Eiffel in the background.

Creating a Paris room theme will be so much fun as you collect decor items online or grab a few magic finds from the local fleamarket or charity shop. it’s all about creating a romantic ambiance that makes you feel as though you are window shopping on the infamous Champs-Elysees Avenue where the Arc de Triomphe, a monument inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte stands at one end, or sipping a cafe au lait at one of the popular side walk cafes, taking in the locals and tourists as they pass by.

A Paris room theme is a mix of old and new, a lot like the city where ancient architectutral structures work in harmony with newer designs, to create a city landscape that blends history with the needs of a thriving, modern metropolis. When designing a Paris room theme we find ourselves drawn to the sheer opulence of the royals that once governed all of France and their captivating homes where no expense was spared with furniture made by artisians under the watchful eye of a “Corporation des Menuisiers,” a furniture making guild that determined only the best pieces be presented to the King, along with dramatic damask wall-coverings, the finest crystal chandeliers, carved woodwork¬† painted ceilings and gilded walls and mirrors.

Min-versions of the place of Versailles apprtment rooms are poppiing up in teens bedrooms in this century creating a fairytale visual that takes us back to these royal times and allows us to emulate the life of a princess, if only for a while, when we enter our private chambers or bedroom!

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