Set Of Three Outstanding Paris, London, New York Canvas Framed Artwork!

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Artwork is a great way to add an interesting, visual focal point to a room, drawing the eye immediately to the subject and if that is an exclusive view of three outstanding world cities, the overall look will be nothing but impressive!

Cities are the new celebrities with their history and amazing architecture on show, as well as those popular attractions that make a world-renowned city so unique and fascinating.

Paris, London, New York!

Here we have a set of three, quality¬† canvas prints, the first features Paris on display with it’s 5-star monument, the Eiffel Tower, a spectacular wrought-iron structure, now over a century in the making with a classic, French blue Citroen car in the forefront to thrill all Paris fans. Second is Londons own Big Ben clock tower that stands on the north end of the Westminster Palace and chimes the musical note E when it delivers time to Londoners everyday. Passing by is a red double-decker bus, prized by the British as as a national symbol of their homeland, England and the UK.The third wonderful piece of art is dedicated to the city of New York, one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on the planet, with it’s iconic, yellow cabs getting New Yorkers and visitors from A to B, around the “Big Apple” since the early twentieth century!

if you have been to one or all of these mesmorizing citiies, this set of three, framed canvas prints, will be an exciting find, with five size choices from each panel measuring 16″ x 12″ x 1″ right up to the largest size available (31″ x 12″ x 1″).

This stylish cities artwork set, is made of solid fiberboard and ready to hang the moment it arrives at your door!




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