Shades Of Grey Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain With Red Umbrellas Design

Eiffel Tower in the rain photography with falling red umbrellas shower curtain

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The color and design of a shower curtain can change the entire ambient feel of your bathroom making it a room you love opening to door to. Hanging this awesome Eiffel Tower shower curtain in shades of grey and pops of red umbrellas is the way to add interest to a neutral bathroom space. Red, grey and black towels or a mix of them all will create a colorful theme with a subject that captivates the hearts of folks in every nation.

The Eiffel Tower is a magnetic motif and through its time hovering over the River Seine and city of Paris, France has seen a world of changes but has remained a popular monument since the late 1800s. This amazing metal sculpture is in a class of its own and has the pulling power of a mega-star with around 7 million travelers and locals stepping onto the Champ de Mars parklands to see the tower up close. Folks get married or ask for their lover’s hand in marriage with La Tour Eiffel in view as this grand lady emulates the romantic atmosphere her homeland radiates.

The shower curtain sees a rainy day in Paris with the design element of red umbrellas adding a little magic to an already magical scene in the city of light. Versions of this Eiffel Tower photograph with red umbrellas can also be obtained in pictures to hang on your wall. so you can repeat the concept in another room.

Size of the shower curtain is 72″ x 72″ with the option to purchase in a larger size of 72″ x 78″ or smaller 60″ x 72.” The fabric is water, soap, and mold proof polyester you can freshen up in the washing machine plus there are 12-plastic hooks included.


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