Steal Your Lovers Heart With A Parisian, Valentines Day Theme

The temperatures may be cooler right now in the city of light but February heralds in Valentine’s day a time of replenishing love and renewing vows.

“La Saint Valentin” falls on the 14th of February and in Paris is really for adults only. There is not the same fanfare you might see in other countries with advertising blasted on billboards and stores everywhere.

Let love be forever with a romantic, Parisian valentines day theme

The French exchange gifts and flowers but no cards are ever sent to celebrate this special day of amour. Romantic dining and time spent way are the preferred choice of a culture that breathes the language of love

Valentine’s Day in France is a wonderful occasion especially in the charming, village of Saint Valentin around 260 kilometers to the South of Paris. This fairytale town is for lovers and showcases a three-day celebration in February where loved up couples come to be a part of this enchanting ambiance.

 If you can’t make it to Paris or the “village of love” here are a few suggestions to make this fab day special wherever you are in the world.

Since Paris exudes an enduring message of love why not stage your valentine’s day with gifts and a Parisian, party theme for two. If you are apartment living and have a balcony decorate the space with a Paris feel and so easy to do with an Eiffel tower statue as your table centerpiece plus red placemats with crystal, wine glasses or steaming, hot coffee and red roses in a vase. How can any valentine resist such a romantic setting?

Create A romantic  valentines day, Paris themed table setting

What about a gift for the girl of your dreams? Anything relating to Paris is sure to light up her eyes and that could be a colorful painting of La Tour Eiffel in the rain.

Give the Gift of romantic Eiffel Tower  artwork this valentines day

A pretty, throw pillow spells je t’aime to the person who adores every inch of this irresistible city so uniquely gifted with emotive monuments. Paris is a lovers playground where hearts are bound in unity forever.

Surprise your betrothed with a valentines day getaway to Paris. Imagine professing your heart-felt feelings beneath the Eiffel Tower or on a river cruise along the River Seine by night. Letting a little of Paris into this momentous, magical day is sure to seal a bond of love for eternity.

Eiffel tower overlooking the River seine by night
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