Paris is a city of beauty and lights from crystal chandeliers in royal palaces to nightly Eiffel Tower light shows

Paris by day is a hive of activity as locals catch an early morning coffee at a sidewalk café and tourists begin their pilgrimage taking in the sights. When night falls the city of Paris illuminates with monuments lit up to showcase their magical beauty while vintage lamps turn on their charm all over Pari

Monuments all over paris including the Louvre museum are lit up at night.
The Louvre Museum lit up at night

The Eiffel Tower provides a spontaneous show of lights with sparkling interludes of golden hues and powerful spotlights invading the sky. Since its construction in 1889 the tower has seen a succession of light first in the form of gas and then later electricity. In the 80s La Tour Eiffel began her glittering career as a nightly spectacle where 20,000 bulbs dance in glee for 5 minutes every hour until one oclcock in the morning. Hence Paris became known as the “city of lights”

The Paris, Eiffel Tower glittering gold at night.
Eiffel Tower Light Show

Images of grandiose chandeliers in 18th-century French chateaus and castles have been the inspiration for homes all over the world being reinvented with a timeless, Parisian theme. Originally these ornate chandeliers were lit with candles which back in the day were incredibly expensive and only afforded by the rich.

Palais de Compiègne, France once home to King Louis XV.
Chateau de Compiegne, France

Design themes have a way of reverting back to the bold and beautiful as seen in Paris themed bedrooms where a crystal, chandelier evokes an ambiance of luxury when combined with chic furnishings. The Grand Trianon is a smaller pink palace found on the Versailles Estate comprising of 800 acres and built by King Louis X1V as a getaway. The glamorous Empress bedroom was revamped by Napoleon Bonaparte after becoming the first Emperor of all France. The layout is perfectly pink a popular color for girls creating their own version of a Paris bedroom theme.

Empress bedroom on the grand Trianon palace, Versailles, Paris
Pink, Empress Bedroom, Versailles Paris

Modern bedrooms take their lead from French royal palaces with a chandelier emulating the glamor and grandeur of a monarchs residence The colors may vary but furniture often leans toward a traditional ornate design with trendy bedding illustrations featuring the Eiffel tower and references to this ethereal city.

Modern Paris themed bedrooms feature ornate furniture with a classic chandelier overhead.
Modern, Paris Themed bedroom

Accessorize with Eiffel tower shaped table lamps adding a soft glow to rooms in the home while highlighting this industrious monument as a decor showpiece.

The Eiffel Tower lights up a room as a stylish table lamp
Eiffel Tower Table Lamp

A nightlight for the kids room becomes a fun idea when its in the form of their favorite Paris monument that switches different colors.

Eiffel tower night lights that change colors gives kids their own personal light show
Eiffel Tower Night Light

Visitors to Paris are introduced to the chic charisma of a European city bathed in light when the sun goes down. All eyes are then on the Eiffel Tower as she performs her nightly theater enchanting the locals and tourists who travel far to see this world famous monument.

When there is something to celebrate in Paris the Eiffel Tower lights up
Eiffel Tower Light Show