French furniture fits perfectly with modern decor designs

The twentieth century is a mega era for home décor choices with chic French furniture still holding its own as a memorable style of furnishing that has been influenced throughout history by artists, designers, and French royals.

In medieval times furniture was large and made of oak with symbolic carvings similar to the architecture of the time. This was the age of Gothic and Roman style furniture.

Medieval times saw Gothic Furniture emerge in France.
Gothic Furniture

Next came the Renaissance period, a stylish mix of Greek and Roman influence followed by an exciting time when furnishings with a French country theme were seen in homes away from the glitz of royal life in Paris

Out in the provinces French Country Furniture was born and is hugely popular today.
French Country Furniture

Back in the French capital King Louis XlV established a line of extravagant furniture with ornate shell, lion and gold decorations. This was the fantastical time of the Sun King who built the Chateau de Versailles and was a champion of the arts.

Era of the celebrated "Sun King" in France and ornate furniture decorated with lions and shells.
Antique French Furniture

Up until the reign of the next King Louis XV in the 1700s furniture pieces were decidedly masculine but with the advent of French women airing their views the arena of furniture making took a left-field turn with lighter and more feminine offerings.

Petite furnishings in the Queens apartment in the Palace of Versailles, Paris
Queens Apartment , Palace of Versailles

The last king of France put his stamp on the designing of furniture for the royal palace before Napoleon Bonaparte led the revolution and became the 1st Emperor of France. Empire furniture took its inspiration from Greece and Egypt with eagle sculptures often featured.

Empire style chairs rom the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, France
Empire Inspired Chairs

Not content to be the ruler of France, Napoleon sought to conquer new territories and eventually found himself out of favor with the citizens who had helped bring him to power. A new reign of leadership began and furniture started its journey in a manufactured form. One thing that remains the same throughout the advent of French furniture is its absolute beauty and artistic charm. Antique pieces are sold through auctions for substantial amounts and sought after by furniture collectors.

 Curvaceous  antique French chairs.
Antique French Furniture

Modern day French homes are notorious for presenting remnants of the past beside new design elements. It is this endearing, eclectic décor theme that makes Parisian homes a model for those with an interest all around the world. Paris themes take a little of every era always including the ornate and opulent look the royals made popular through every unique reign.

French themed furniture brings the regal ambiance of the Versailles palace to any room
Parisian Themed Vanity

The Eiffel Tower with its unique lattice form has seen tables designed to emulate its magical shape. Built-in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel the tower remains an every day, tourist curiosity and standout architectural form.

Paris, Eiffel Tower shaped table
Eiffel Tower Furniture

.French furniture is romantic and heralds in a Parisian history of royal and revolutionary characters who helped shape the design and awe-inspiring elegance of furniture that has seen replicas made in its honor. Next time you are in a charity store and see a chair in classic Louis style take a moment to see if it’s the real deal and you might be lucky enough to discover a lost treasure from a golden furniture making time.

King Louis XVl of France is famous for the style of chairs he designed still popular today.
Louis XVl Chairs

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