Paris kitchen décor is a fabulous way to really make the best room in your home feel like an authentic French Parisian café. These cafes in the City of Light are world renowned for being an ultimate city staple, and when someone utters the words...

~Tour Eiffel boit caboteurs~ Won't it be nice to have a set of these gorgeous, vintage Eiffel Tower coasters on the coffee table, counter or bar? The image has that lovely faded postcard appeal that could  bring a nostalgic tear to the eye for...

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Paris tapis de cuisine theme..Anti-fatigue mats are a practical idea for the kitchen, relieving the aches and pains of standing in one place for too long. So wouldn't you be thrilled if some kind soul,gifted you with one of these comfort mats in...

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if you have a Parisian themed party coming up this Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter is bound to put smile on the faces of young and old..The Eiffel Towel is at the heart of Paris life which would not be the same without this pillar of creative French...

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Highly decorative and authentic looking Eiffel Tower set would be a great gift for the friend who collects salt and pepper shakers or as a display in a Paris Style kitchen.These are not big shakers measuring approx.4.2" x 4.2" x 5," so they...

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The Eiffel Tower has been a popular monument in Paris for a very long time and it's unique structural design has caused it be recreated in so many decorative and useful ways,This sturdy, black metal wine rack in the image of the French tower...

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