The beauty and timeless elegance of a glamorous, crystal chandelier is long recognized for it's romanticism and opulent appeal throughout centuries of stately Parisian chateau's where their dazzling light would dance shadows on the walls of great...

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French script has a romantic, vintage appeal that brings a touch of timeless beauty (une touche de beauté Françaiseto) to a contemporary or traditional style home You can easily reinvent an old lamp base by painting it then adding this brand...

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What a focal point in the room this industrial chic "Eiffel Tower" table lamp will make with it's intricate French tower metal design and vintage patina finish. Let's not forget the classic travel-stamped, French script style shade and French...

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Nothing gives such a romantic, elegant light in a room as a crystal chandelier and today we still equate these beautiful, historic lights with classic European grandeur. If you have ever seen the "Hall of Mirrors" in the French palace of...

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To look at this Art Deco, reproduction beauty, you might believe it is real bronze, as the finish is quite superb and extremely authentic to the eye. The sculpture is also very heavy, which is another reason to believe you have an Art Deco...

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The Art Deco ladies with the lamp are now a most sought after item for their beauty of form and magical Deco, design. The lamp features an ivory and gold finish with an on/off switch on the chord and uses one/25 watt bulb. Overall size is 5"...

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Erte was a Russian born artist who moved to Paris where he became the toast of the town for his excellence as a designer of fashion, jewelry and interior decor. Known as the father of "Art Deco," Erte was  also  a sculptor who has inspired others...

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Art Deco Bougeoir Paris has produced so many varying styles of furniture and home decor but none was quite like the advent of a new movement in the early 1920's called Art Deco, which came after the creative "no mans land," of the first world war,...

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Lampe Berger has come a long way since its creation in 1898 as a means to cleanse hospital rooms and wards.These days the beautifully designed lamps are used to counteract offensive odors while oxidizing the air.. There are various fragrances...

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