What a focal point in the room this industrial chic "Eiffel Tower" table lamp will make with it's intricate French tower metal design and vintage patina finish. Let's not forget the classic travel-stamped, French script style shade and French...

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The Art Deco ladies with the lamp are now a most sought after item for their beauty of form and magical Deco, design.The lamp features an ivory and gold finish with an on/off switch on the chord and uses one/25 watt bulb.Overall size is 5"...

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Erte was a Russian born artist who moved to Paris where he became the toast of the town for his excellence as a designer of fashion, jewelry and interior decor. Known as the father of "Art Deco," Erte was  also  a sculptor who has inspired others...

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Art Deco Bougeoir Paris has produced so many varying styles of furniture and home decor but none was quite like the advent of a new movement in the early 1920's called Art Deco, which came after the creative "no mans land," of the first world war,...

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Featuring a blue slate, Eiffel tower base with a French script designed shade, this stylish table lamp could be ideal for enhancing a Paris theme.It's a smaller sized lamp measuring 16" in height x 12" in diameter with the Eiffel tower base only...

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Shabby Chic Lustre Bougeoir Cast your eye on this enchanting chandelier/candle holder, which features elegant scroll-work with acrylic, crystal drops cascading from it's shabby themed, cream distressed frame.You can easily hang it from the...

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Why does a chandelier denote such grandeur and opulence?Is it the sculptured curls of metal or the crystals falling like droplets from the rain?....Perhaps it is the shimmering light that dances on the ceiling and throws shadows on the floor and...

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Joli Lustre Create a sparkling statement in the bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room, with this white, metal chandelier, that comes equipped with a chord and plug so you can have it as an elegant swag lamp or wire it straight into the ceiling...

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Lustre Mauve The color purple is synonymous with wealth and royalty,making this majestic chandelier a great choice for any room in the home that demands a little elegance to highlight a shabby chic or Paris theme. Kids love the look of chandeliers...

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