Having a little Paris in your home brings the beauty and romanticism of this inspiring city into your life no matter where you live in the world. This classy linen pillow case features the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph a monument...

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Paris fashion through the years, has never faltered in it's quest to inspire and delight, so this adorable vintage throw cushion cover depicting glamorous French hats of the time will be a fabulous find for the Fashionista enticed by all things...

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~Paris est toujours une bonne idée~ From the beautiful Audrey Hepburn comes the infamous quote. "Paris Is Always A Good Idea!" This highly desirable cushion cover is made of a cotton,linen blend and  measures 18" x 18" and it is recommended...

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Apart from the beautifully presented Eiffel Tower, this stylish, Paris cushion cover features fascinating imagery of the Paris Metro created by engineer Fulgence Bienvenue as an alternative mode of transport on par with London and New York whose...

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The color chocolate is a super popular, home decor choice and when you add stunning French postmarks and script imagery to the visual mix you know this hand-made pillow cover will be the perfect accent for that Paris, sofa makeover you have been...

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This picture perfect cushion cover has it all with vintage, snapshots of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pyramide du louvre and the entrance to Metropolitain a mainly underground subway, known for its stunning, Art Nouveua...

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~De Paris avec amour.~ Take a moment to imagine the look, this French script pillow and it's gorgeous rectangular counterpart, would create in your living room if you took the leap of faith and allowed a little of the city of lights, love into your...

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 "Oreiller poste de jet français" Thinking that your sofa chairs could do with a beautiful Paris/French themed makeover? What is not love to about this endearing, French script throw pillow with unknown messages from the past, delivered post...

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~Papillons Paris~ This beautiful cushion cover is more a work of art, don't you think and with stunning Eiffel Tower, butterflies imagery creating a fabulous vintage, visual appeal, your sofa will never look so good! Size is 18"...

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