The secret to going Parisian in your home décor theme is to appreciate the way folks who live in this chic city manifest beautiful interiors with very little effort.

French Interiors

To be born in such a creative landscape gives French residents the leading edge in knowing instinctively how to make an apartment living room or bedroom comfortable and unique. Herringbone floors and white walls are the blank canvas on which to build a statement in interior design. The word style may well have been the ABC of French children’s learning in a city where Art Deco, and Rococo, were rolled out as the latest thing. The artistic flair that generates from the exquisite stone monuments dotted all over Paris extends to its citizens décor vibe as a mix of the past and present laid out effortlessly in an apartment living room brings goose bumps to the most seasoned interior designers.

Rococo themed furniture

With a history of fashionable royals including Marie Antoinette plus migration of worldly artists to Paris in the 19th century, it was inevitable this settlement would produce great works in the arena of art, architecture, and fashion. The romanticism of monuments gave Paris an inspiring title and motivated gurus in every field to excel. Coco Chanel a Parisian with a fashionable vision changed the way women dressed and were instrumental in Paris being nicknamed the fashion capital while Gustave Eiffel may not have officially designed the Eiffel Tower but saw the beauty in a tall metal structure when his Parisian neighbors could not.

French Eiffel Tower

The first Emperor of France commissioned Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann to alter the layout of the city and from this emerged the opulent apartments so revered today. High ceilings, wrought-iron railings on the balcony and the infamous herringbone floors offer its occupants a regal ambiance which to build on. In true French style items from flea markets along with modern furnishings set an enchanting tone emulated the world over.

Parisian apartments

A Parisian apartment is a continual work in progress with the emphasis on a personalized look drawing on the artistic nature of this majestic city. Parisians wrote the book on glamour and elegance inspiring others to decorate from the soul and not be influenced by what’s new and what’s not. A Parisian décor is airy and free and never dictated by current trends.

Eclectic living room

The simplicity of a Parisian interior is to do your own thing. Roam around the markets, yard sales charity stores for vintage finds and get handy with a paintbrush. Discover your style and create interiors that reflect YOU.

Paris Flea Market

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