Paris is hauntingly beautiful with memoirs of a conflicted past highlighting the vision of families born to rule and renegade military officers looking to effect change.

Paris and the River Seine by night
Paris, France

The capital of France is a deeply emotive city born from the ashes of territorial rights and fashioned though each century to emerge a place of prestige. In an ever-changing world, Paris retains a splendor that defies modernism with buildings that move folks to tears at the sheer wonder of meticulous design.

Arc de Triomphe monument, Paris France
Arc de Triomphe

It is from the monuments, vintage street lights and endearing sidewalk cafes Paris décor themes are inspired as people long to let fragments of this romantic landscape reside in their living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. A Paris pillow designed with Eiffel Tower, birdcage, and floral images, packs a punch of vintage style on the sofa while a Paris comforter showcasing the glamour and elegance of European pizzazz brings an air of grace to the guest room or master suite.

Paris Comforter

A Paris theme works enticingly well with a minimalist or dramatized décor sending sweet shivers of delight to the fan or worldly traveler that holds Paris close to their heart. Eiffel Tower table lamps, throws, and rugs give a lasting impression as the city of love shines powerfully in your residence allowing you to be playful with decorative choices.

Paris themed tapestry for the wall or over the sofa
Paris Themed Tapestry Throw

Extreme elements of fantasy, fabulous and fancy amass this European entity where inventive egos with the backing of kings and Emperors’ conceived authoritative images in the form of delectable stone monuments with one metal exception known as La Tour Eiffel. This model of craftsmanship showed a brave stance by Gustave Eiffel who had a hunch this tall and somewhat obtrusive tower would steal the hearts of many. He was right and living proof great things come from those who dare to try. His passion for building with industrious metal caused shockwaves in Parisian circles of influence culminating in a tower that appeared to sneak through the clouds. It took centuries to envisage a location of French stone emblems while the Eiffel Tower hit the world headlines in record-breaking build time of around two years and two months.

The Paris, Eiffel Tower
Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken

You could say this monument was meant to be surviving wars and Hitlers attempts to tear it down. La femme de fer appears to like her fame bringing the curious to Paris plus showing up in glossy magazines and becoming a Paris souvenir brand and ornament for the architect’s desk or kids room where the tower is considered cool

Black and whiye photo of Eiffel Tower. Paris
Photo by Ugur Akdemir

Paris is officially romantic and a symbol of amour to millions of lovers. The city has a hypnotic appeal and once you’ve been hit with its magical code the effect is intoxicating as you adorn rooms with an ornamented, jeweled Paris theme décor.

Paris Theme Decor
Paris Theme Decor