One often wonders why Paris has such a romantic tag and folks looking to give their hand in marriage flock to this European city.

Paris is a popular place to get married
Destination Paris

Take a peek into Parisian history and its blessed with love stories, legends and lifestyles of French royals. This is a very old city stretching back to the glory days of the Roman Empire who conquered this watery landscape and were then ousted by a Franks tribe culminating in the first King of France named Clovis.

Paris was originally conquered by the Roman Empire
Roman Empire

The keynote to French authority was the ruling monarch until the revolution led by Napoleon Bonaparte ended this style of rulership that had spanned 948 years. The new leader was named Emperor of France until their fall from grace and subsequent exile to the Island of Elba. King Louis XV111 from the royal house of Bourbon was then placed on the throne until Napolean escaped and set in motion a revamped Empire which was defeated by Coalition countries who were not impressed with Napoleans warlike ways after he became Emperor.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France
Emperor Of France

As you can see France has seen its share of conflict and through it all was able to design and construct some of the most exquisite buildings, churches, and monuments the world has ever seen. The city of Paris is on the shortlist as a preferred destination for couples wanting to get wed in a palatial setting undeterred by its stormy past

The grandeur of Paris monuments
Paris Monuments

Once you have said “je fais” in a council office it’s possible to follow on with a church ceremony and then you have a city entrenched in picturesque settings to immortalize your wedding day with memorable photo’s.

Getting Married In Paris
Toute juste marie

The choices are endless with the Eiffel tower possibly the hot favorite for a gorgeous photoshoot of the bride and groom or the Pont de LĀ“Archeveche bridge, with the Notre Dame Cathedral in view. The Louvre Museum is also the perfect backdrop for a tender moment between a new husband and wife.

A tender moment between bride and groom with the Louvre Museum in the background.

if you’re taking a flight back home to celebrate with friends bring the magic of Paris into your venue with decorations that reflect the things to remember from exchanging vows in the city of love.

Parisian Party theme
Paris Party Theme

A Paris party theme should seem effortless with romance as the inspiration and the enchanting ambiance of Paris at the core of your design look. You could opt for a popular black and white scenario with the bridesmaids in elegant dresses and Eiffel Tower statues taking center-stage on the reception tables. Roses, chandeliers and chintzy table cloths create a goosebumps vibe for an occasion where family and friends wish the “just married in Paris” couple happy days ahead.

Elegant, Paris party theme
Paris Themed Party

One of the most talked about and lavish Parisian weddings happened between King Louis XVl and Marie Antoinette in the 1700s. The ceremony and celebrations took place within the grand walls of the Versailles Palace with all the pomp and glamor one would associate with bearing the title King and Queen of all France. It is moments like this in history that prompt followers of fashion to emulate the opulence and trendsetting attire worn by the monarch and his new bride. It is said Marie Antionette’s dress featured silver material embellished with sparkling diamonds Their Paris themed party/reception was held in the breathtaking hall of mirrors a feast for the eyes with hand-painted ceilings, arches, and golden cherub statues.

Marie Antoinette wife to King Louis XV1 of France
Marie Antionette

The royals of France lived exceptionally well and King Louis XlV was possibly the reason so many amazing fashion designers have emerged from this city. He was dismayed with the dress code in Versailles and brainstormed a textile and clothing business which saw the French aristocracy dress to impress and Paris earn the title “fashion capital.” In the 21st Century, Paris is still the go-to destination if you want an exquisite, one of a kind wedding dress with a price tag to match. The House of Chanel has constantly wowed guests during their infamous, fashion shows with all eyes on the runaway anticipating the latest, design perfect wedding attire.

Paris the fashion capital of the world

Paris has a living history in the monuments and a culture that speaks one of the most eloquent languages on earth. The city of light has many fashion firsts with each era heralding in a new version of Paris decor, architecture and artistic revivals.

The building off Tour Eiffel Eiffel, Paris
The Eiffel Tower Being Built

It’s near impossible to discount this city as a theme to showcase a couples love and setting for their forthcoming nuptials. Paris is a land of dreams and filled with creations that truly inspire. The building of the Eiffel tower set the world on fire with a structure made of wrought-iron that nestled at its top height in the clouds. Social media selfies of couples getting photographed by the tower go viral around the planet enticing lovers to get hitched in the city of amour.

Photograph of married couple by Eiffel Tower. Paris

Paris with its antiquated beauty offers a chance to see history up close and venture into the happenings of what has gone before. Ironically the military officer who led the French revolution was struck by cupids arrow when he met and then married a widower in 1796, making her Empress of France.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine
Napoleon And Josephine

Paris with its up to the minute fashion and ancient architecture is a fairytale place to say je t’aime in a city inspired by love, history, and monuments. It’s also a magical setting where romance sparkles in the air.
If you can’t think where to marry the truest love of your life remember that Paris is always a good idea!