Toulon French Rococo Fabric Side Chair

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Rococo was an 18th century movement of artistic change in Paris where new and exciting furniture was created as a reaction to the style of Baroque which was governed by the palace of Versailles and the Roman Catholic church.

Artists have always been at the forefront of mini-revolutions and considering there were so many in Paris it was inevitable that new styles of furniture would evolve.

This beautiful chair, a genuine product of those times is hand-carved solid mahogany wood and upholstered in golden wheat jacquard on both sides. In stunning rococo style this exquisitely crafted chair is in a distinctive class of it’s own and will bring a look of French elegance to your decor.

Size is 46.5″ in height¬† x 25.5″in width¬† x 21″ in depth..

A chair for all seasons and one you will treasure for years..

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