Tres Chic – Paris Room Decor

Bringing the beautiful city of Paris into your home is a sure way to create an exquisite and much-talked about look. By putting together pieces of Paris-infused furniture and décor, you can transform the main space in your home into something whimsical and jaw-dropping. With Paris room décor, you’ll give an otherwise ordinary living room the feel of actually walking right into the city of lights itself.

Creating that immaculate Parisian look in your living room all starts with a statement piece, which you then can begin to build around it to pull together the ultimate posh space. Furniture can be a great way to pose as the center of Paris room décor, and the options for these types of pieces are endless. A damask accent chair, a French Script laden ottoman, or a side table with black and white images of Paris are gorgeous additions to any living room. For bigger, bolder looks, opt for a wall covered in popping damask wallpaper or decals of iconic Parisian staples such as the Eiffel Tower, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Louvre.

A Paris decor is all about the classic accent pieces and you can truly let your creativity shine when picking out accessories. Throw pillows in colors of burlap with stamped artwork of the Eiffel Tower, curtains in breathtaking white and blue toile, and an enchanting crystal chandelier are all fabulous additions to a Paris-themed room. Artwork and wall clocks boasting vintage snapshots of the city, along with a full-scale, detailed rug in the shape of the Eiffel Tower can take your vision of Paris to a whole other level.

But, of course, don’t forget even the smallest of details when putting together your perfect Paris decor theme. Fleur de lis coasters for the coffee table, a poodle tissue box, or a vintage Arc de Triomph storage container may seem second-glance next to all your other fantastic décor, but even these little things will bring a big smile to your face.

Black and Pink ~ Parisian Chic

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