Two Beautiful, Vintage Paris, Eiffel Tower/London Big Ben Poster Prints

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if you have ever visited Paris or London, you might have seen two captivating monuments that will live in your memories forever, with the Eiffel Tower, the pride of France as a tall lattice tower that dates back to 1889 and the London, Big Ben clock tower, still chiming on the hour since 1859.

Both these European cities are steeped in royal history with the Chateau de Versailles offering an insight into the daily lives of French royalty and London’s Buckingham palace where Queen Elizabeth ll still resides as the ruling monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Both Paris and Great Britain have their history on show with the magnificent Louvre Palace, Arc de Triomphe and medieval Notre Dame Cathedral, in the city of amour, while over in Merry old England, Westminster Abbey close to a thousand years in the making, Stonehenge, and the London Tower where many an English King And King were locked away, will take your breath away with their outstanding architectural style!

These beautiful poster prints featuring the Paris, Eiffel Tower and London’s “Big Ben” with gorgeous shades of pink, red flowers, vintage post-marks and script writing will truly tempt the fan of these remarkable two cities.

Size of each print is 18″ in length x 8″ and created by a popular artist.

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