Urban Shop 18″ Eiffel Tower Lamp with CFL Bulb

Lampe Tour Eiffel

Imagine what a unique visual statement a pair of these impressive Eiffel tower lamps would create on side tables in the bedroom or living room of your home. The tower base is a fabulous and intricately designed replica of the original that stands on the left bank of the river Seine in a beautiful garden known as the Champ de mars, named after the Roman god of war.

So much has been said about the building and invention of La Tour Eiffel  but one thing’s for sure, this symbol of France has seen a lot in it’s 126 years, including two world wars, various royal dignitaries and a Parisian protest that almost saw it’s demise, when early construction was introduced to reluctant Parisians who thought the look was way too industrial in design and not in keeping with the dignified, old word look of monuments like the Notre Dame cathedral!

The overall size of this Eiffel tower lamp is 5″ in width x 5″ in length x 18″ in height and features a neutral colored shade, which makes it easy to fit with various color schemes and decor looks.There is a chord with an on/off switch and  you also get a CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb.

A nicely made lamp in the shape of the Paris, Eiffel tower, ideal for this style of theme!

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