What’s The Magic Recipe For A Parisian Themed Bedroom?

Paris weaves a magical web over the visitor to this European capital where monuments from medieval times instantly captivate.

The alluring city of Paris France is ancient with a fascinating history of royal kings who built palaces and filled them to the brink with ornate, exquisite design. Bedroom chambers within the palace walls were adorned with silk, velvet damask wall coverings, picturesque ceiling murals, decorative marble pillars and artwork creating a richly embossed facade of abundance.

Versailles Palace, France
Versailles Palace Mural

It’s hard to escape a past of extreme beauty although the French Revolution led by Napoleon Bonaparte saw regal extravagance ripped from buildings all over Paris. During the reign of each monarch, interior designers were employed to create the king’s personalized vision of his surroundings and over hundreds of years, various furnishing styles were crafted by an artesian guild.

Today Parisian and French design style are popular in the country of origin and throughout a world that embraces the romantic, ceremonial decor of European palaces and chateaus.

Chateay de Villandry, France
The Chateau de Villandry

If you’ve ever wondered how fabulous it would be to have a little Paris shining its eclectic, light in your home think about upscaling your bedroom into a Parisian decor theme.

A bedroom decorated with all the pomp and perfection of a French king or Queen’s private chambers is a vogue choice for fans in-like with eccentric elegance where a crystal chandelier hangs over the bed draped in shimmering soft linen anchored by curvy, antique furniture. The setting is chic grandeur in a color scheme of choice. Parisians tend to paint their apartment walls white allowing a light and airy backdrop to highlight a blend of vintage finds and modern furnishings. The French honor their creative past in a city adorned with statues and stone monuments.

Tuileries gardens, The Louvre, Paris
Louvre, Paris

Paris has become a magical place for kids who think Europe may be Fantasia at the end of a magical rainbow. For little ones in a youthful Princess mode, this city of light offers a playful kingdom where real princesses once walked the mirrored halls of Versaille Palace. Hot pinks, turquoise, and purple replace heavily fabricated walls allowing contemporary kids to stage their own vision of a classic French bedroom.

Kids Paris Themed Bedroom
Kids Pink, Paris Themed Bedroom

Today’s Paris themed bedding presents a scenic tour of the Eiffel Tower and endearing reflections of Parisian life. Paris postcard themes are a dreamy, feminine delight with enchanting, French quotes and imagery. Paris is a cultural haven and top tourist destination where couples dream to be married and love is the theme wherever you walk.

Eiffel Tower Bedding

Recreating a French chateau bedroom with the best of current and past furnishings can be achieved by checking out yard sales and flea markets for furniture with an opulent look. Black and white damask wallpaper enhance a behind the bed feature wall with a glossy black mirror that reflects the 18th-century design. Plain or colored bedding can be accented with black and white damask throw pillows plus chrome or white side tables add glitz and glamor.

Damask Wallpaper
Damask Throw Pillows

Paris themed bedding is a deal breaker in your master suite or guest room and sets the mood for an ambiance of Euro luxe. With any look from way back in time, the opportunity is there to put your own stamp on the final outcome. If the idea of older furniture does not appeal go for current styles that make a statement in their own right. The new age Paris bedroom is a cool mix of majestic decor and the latest fads. This is down to the artistic mode of Paris through the ages where imaginative souls were drawn to the romantic aesthetic of this historic settlement. Art deco, Rococo, Neo-classical, baroque and Art Nouveau remain design influencers that can be drawn upon when composing a Paris bedroom.

Beautiful Art-Nouveau Statue

Take the elements you like and paint a picture that mirrors your style. The abundance of Paris themed bedding allows you to find the perfect fit and construct a resting space where you can escape to the city of amour.